DIY Pacifier Leash Tutorial

One of our cannot-live-without baby items is a pacifier leash.  It keeps the pacifier from falling to the floor and therefore needing washed.  If you have a baby, you know that a dirty pacifier is a tragedy when you are out and have a fussy baby!  Now that Cameron can put the pacifier in her mouth by herself, the leash also keeps it within her reach.

I bought a pacifier leash that we used for months.  I love that it kept the pacifier off of the floor but I didn't love that I couldn't take the clip off.  I needed to wash it often because Cameron likes to suck on the leash as much as she likes on the pacifier that it's attached to it.  Despite hand washing and drying it, the metal still began to rust.  I know that this was partly from me washing it and partly from Cameron's saliva.  Of course I don't don't want her to suck on something rusty so we needed a new one.

Pacifier leashes are such a simple design that I had no doubt that I could make some myself... and with a removable clip so that I could easily wash them and replace the clip if ever needed.

My first attempt worked but I am too much of a perfectionist to be happy with the reinforcing stitches that were necessary and visible.

After a day of contemplation, I figured out how to change the design to make it stronger with even more reinforcing stitches and more professional looking because those stitches are all hidden away inside.  I am thrilled with the result!

Materials needed:

  • 19 inches of ribbon
  • 4.5 inches of thin elastic
  • 2 pieces of velcro the width of the ribbon
  • 1 suspender clip
  • coordinating thread

How to sew the ribbon and elastic:

Sew on your two pieces of velcro, leaving enough space in between for the clip.

Attach the suspender clip to the leash and you're done!

They are quick and easy to make.  I made two during Cameron's morning nap and still had time to get other things done before she woke up :)

Because the loop is elastic, it can easily go around toys to become a "toy leash"!

Washing these pacifier leashes is so simple without a metal clip to worry about!  I simply remove the clip and throw the leash in the wash with a load of her clothes.  I have even put the leashes in the dishwasher basket along with her pacifiers and then let them air dry.

The pacifier leash is Cameron tested and approved :)

"Sewing fills my days, not to mention the living room, bedroom, and closets."
~Author Unknown


  1. Cute idea! Great tutorial. Are there any great fabric stores there? I have an Etsy shop ( )and I am really concerned about finding a great supply store without having to order all of my supplies online. BTW, I am SUPER excited about the dog beach and farmers market! :)

    1. What a great Etsy shop! I love the baby items! As a crafter, I'm sorry to say that Hawaii disappoints. There is one sad craft store chain (Ben Franklin Crafts). I can find some of what I want here but there are many things I have to purchase online because 1) it's not available or 2) the price here is ridiculous. There is a large fabric store here called Fabric Mart ( with 3 locations on this island. It is primarily Hawaiian fabric but has a decent selection of other prints and fabrics too. There is also a fabric store called The Calico Cat ( that I haven't been to yet. I haven't found an actual sewing store yet and have to buy thread, buttons, etc at the Walmart here. If you can, I would bring a large supply of things with you to keep you going until you see if you can find what you need here. Shipping to here always costs a lot more so if you can order what you need from Amazon, being an Amazon Prime member is SO worth it!

      Supply example - the pacifier leash project: ribbon and elastic from Ben Franklin craft store, thread and velcro from Walmart, and suspender clips from Amazon.

  2. No one has noted a blaringly obvious safety issue. The metal clip can come out of the velcro and be swallowed. CHOKING HAZARD. You must stitch it closed until/unless you find stainless steel or heavy duty plastic clip, large enough to not be a choking hazard.

    1. I see your point BUT the time my child was strong enough and knowledgeable enough to unlatch the clip, we were no longer using it so therefore choking danger was never an issue. Whenever we used the clip and leash, it was always attached to her clothing or seat strap, she never played with it as she is in the photo above. Those clips take a little effort to unlatch once they are attached to something, more effort and coordination than a baby has. Furthermore, she never used this in an unsupervised situation so again, choking danger was never an issue. I appreciate your concern - obviously every mother has to do what she feels is safest and best for her own children. A plastic clip would be ideal as it would be able to be washed without rusting and therefore would not have to be removable.

  3. As someone who pretends not to be a noob at sewing, lol, do you have any tips on getting straight lines so close to the edge? Prolly my crappy sewing machine's fault! Or did you hand sew?

    1. probably adjust your foot so it sews a bit closer to the edge and you got it!