About Us

This is the story of an Air Force pilot from Seattle and a primary school teacher from Pennsylvania who were brought together by all the right circumstances and fell in love.  We met in North Carolina, got engaged in Guatemala, got married in Las Vegas, and have since then lived in Georgia, South Korea, and now Hawaii.  Our life together is one adventure after another.

This blog was started in January 2011 when we moved to South Korea as a way to keep family and friends up to date since we lived so far away.  I now love and appreciate the fact that the blog is a photo journal of our life together, one that I wish I would've started years earlier!

This blog is first and foremost a travel photography blog with other things occasionally thrown in the mix.  I blog about our life... where we live, the places we travel to, the big and little adventures we have, the crafts and projects that I do, the things that I bake and cook, and the grand undertaking of pregnancy and new parenthood.  Thank you for joining us!

Our daughter, Cameron Cecelia, was born on September 8th, 2012.  Her life began with an amazing story of perfect timing.  We are so excited to share our adventure of a life with her!

Our other "baby" is our adorable and talented Rat Terrier named Dulce (Dulce means sweet in Spanish).  We adopted her as a puppy in 2009 from a Rat Terrier rescue organization, Ratbone Rescues.  She's a little dog but she's a huge part of our lives!

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We always welcome comments, questions, and suggestions!  Please leave a comment under a post or email angelasmithgreen@gmail.com

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