Hotel Living

Before moving to Hawaii, we thoroughly researched our housing options.  We could live on one of the many military bases here or we could rent a house anywhere on the island.  After much consideration, we decided to live on Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam.  It's a very large military base with a lot to offer and I will feel safe living there alone if Johnnie deploys.

We arrived in Hawaii on January 28th and moved into military lodging, which is basically a hotel.  Our room was of questionable quality so luckily after a two weeks we were able to move into nicer military lodging on Ford Island.  We got to Hawaii thinking it wouldn't take too long to get a house assigned to us but here we are, two months later, still living in lodging.

Two whole months of living in a hotel.  It wasn't bad at first but two months is a loooong time to go without a house of our own, without a real address, without our belongings, without a real kitchen, without my favorite pillow, and without any familiar comforts.  We are physically here in Hawaii but I don't feel emotionally here yet.  I know my way around now, but it still doesn't feel like home.

Thankfully, our hotel living days are almost over!  Our house is finally ready and we will be moving in on Tuesday!  Our belongings from Korea are here on the island and will be delivered next week.  Our belongings that we had stored in the States while we were in Korea were actually "lost forever" for a while but luckily have been found and are in transit.  Everything is finally falling into place.

The Navy Lodge on Ford Island consists of two buildings, one newer and one older.  Because of Dulce, our room is in the older building which is pet friendly.  This older building is also historic and I feel privileged to have stayed here.  "The historical landmark building was erected in 1941. It served as a bachelor officers’ quarters until 1984. The building was also used as an emergency medical center during the attack on Pearl Harbor and was featured in the film “Tora! Tora! Tora!” - source

The Navy Lodge is available for any military member to stay at whether for PCS, TDY, medical, or leisure.  Guests of military members may also stay at this lodge provided that the military member is present at check-in.  Reservations are highly recommended and can be made by online at  This lodge is within walking distance of the USS Battleship Missouri, the USS Utah Memorial, the USS Oklahoma Memorial, the Pacific Aviation Museum, and the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet.  The USS Arizona Memorial and the USS Bowfin Submarine Museum are also nearby.  It's a quiet and historical place to stay away from the touristy downtown area.

The hotel suite that we have been living in consists of a living room and a bedroom connected by a hallway with a kitchenette.  There is a bathroom off of the bedroom.

The kitchenette has a mini-fridge, microwave, sink, two stovetop burners, a small coffee maker, and a toaster.  Some plates, bowls, cups, silverware, and pots are provided.  We really can't fit very much in the small fridge and the stovetop burners take a while to heat up so cooking food in this kitchen isn't easy.  Most of our meals come from restaurants or are cooked in the microwave.  Two months of this is torture, especially with my pregnancy-induced food aversions!  I can't wait to have a real kitchen again!

Eight pillows on these beds and I don't like any of them but I admit that I'm a very picky pillow person :)

Outside, there is a swimming pool for use by the lodge guests.  Towels are provided.  There is also a playground for children.

There is a large dog park next to the lodge which is free to be used by any military on Oahu.  It's a great area for dogs to run around in but Dulce really wishes that there was some agility equipment.

There are always clouds over the mountains in the distance and it's usually raining somewhere so we often see beautiful rainbows in the afternoon.

The dog park is mostly grass but Dulce always finds some dirt to roll in!  I'm pretty sure she has a dirt-rolling addiction :)

It looks like Korea isn't the only place with "not quite right" things!

"Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect.
It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections."
~Author Unknown


  1. Dulce wants to be a brown dog, lol. Looks like she thinks the bed is a-ok.

    Have you been to Patty's (or is it Patsy's) Chinese kitchen at Ala Mawana (spell)? We've been there many times when visiting Hawaii because it's good, cheap, and fast. Maybe I shouldn't ask food questions while you are suffering, sorry.

    1. Dulce does like the beds but because of her constant dirt-rolling habit, she is confined to her crate at night :) I haven't heard of that restaurant yet! I've been to the Ala Moana Center a few times (it's amazing) and will have to look for it there once my food aversions go away.