Family Friday: Oct 5

4 Weeks Old

Cameron is just about 1 month old.  Time really is flying by... although I may not always think that during the sleepless nights.

Cam is starting to spend longer stretches of time awake and is noticeably more alert.  She looks around as if she is seriously contemplating everything she sees.  I like to sit outside on our lanai with her and watch her take in the world around us.  She has a fascinated reaction to everything... the sounds of lawnmowers and fighter jets, the bright sky, the warm breeze... it's all new to a baby :)

Cameron is still in newborn diapers and is finally starting to fit into her newborn-sized clothes.  It will be a while yet until she can fit into the 0-3 month things we have for her.  Sometimes I'm amazed at just how tiny she is!

She has started to enjoy getting baths (loves having warm water poured over her body) but she hates the drying-off-and-getting-dressed part that follows. She still hates getting her diaper changed unless she has just been fed.  She likes music and seems to have a fondness for Johnny Cash.  Familiar everyday loud noises such as the doorbell, Dulce barking, the blender, and the vacuum don't bother her at all.  Unfamiliar loud noises do startle her but usually don't make her cry.

Cameron is finally starting to recognize us and hold our gaze when we look at her which is a lot of fun!  I am starting to recognize her different cries which is helpful.  Most days we are on a 4 hour schedule between feedings but she still likes to shake things up once in a while with an all-nighter.  It is exhausting but it's comforting to know that she'll eventually sleep through the night.

We can walk to the commissary (military grocery store) from our house and just took our first trip with Cameron there this week.  We put her in the Bob jogging stroller with a carseat adapter.  It's quite the large contraption but is super smooth riding and we can load it full of groceries to take home.  When she's a little older, Cam will be sitting in the Bob as my running partner :)

It's been 4 weeks and I'm just beginning to feel like my old self again... other than the fact that I now constantly giggle and sway my body even when I'm not holding Cameron :)  I only have 2 pounds left to lose but I'm quite sure that most of that weight is solid fat sitting on top of my stomach muscles.  My hips are just about back to normal (only +.5 inch) but my stomach and belly are still at +2 inches.  My incision from the c-section looks better than I expected it to.  It's a 6 inch scar but it is thin and directly along my hairline so it will never show in a bikini.  The skin looks healed but I can tell that the incisions through the layers underneath are not healed yet.  My lower stomach feels sore like a huge bruise although it looks normal (except for the scar).  I've started walking and feel good doing that but I'm going to hold off on other exercise for a few more weeks.

"And though she be but little, she is fierce!"
~William Shakespeare

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  1. Oh my Goodness, she sure is growing fast. She is so beautiful and you with no doubt the best parents on earth. We love you so much.