Family Friday: Feb 15

23 Weeks Old

Love those chubby baby legs!

Happy Valentine's Day!  Johnnie sent me a dozen gorgeous red roses and I got to video chat with him which made for a pretty good day despite being alone :)

I had grandiose ideas for Valentine's Day baby photos but they didn't really happen.  Cameron was fussy and I didn't have time to try again.  I got a couple cute ones which is good enough for this year.

Cameron is a pro at rolling from her back to her stomach now and is getting better on her stomach every day.  She is now able to balance on one arm so that she can reach and grab things with the other. She still gets "stuck" on her stomach sometimes but she is starting to roll back onto her back more often.  Funny thing is that no matter how she rolls, she always rolls to her right.  The other day she tried hard to roll to her left and couldn't do it.  Dulce also only rolls in one direction (and probably always will) whereas I'm sure that Cameron will eventually overcome that obstacle :)

Dulce better watch out!  She is fair game for being grabbed if she gets too close :)

This week Cameron started grabbing her bottle and putting it in her mouth.  She can almost hold the bottle by herself but still needs help, especially when it's full.  She is also starting to show interest in what I eat and drink.  If I'm holding her while eating or drinking, she turns her head to follow my hand to my mouth.  One day after taking a drink from my water bottle, I held it in her reach and she grabbed it, touched it to her mouth, and then smiled at me.  She seemed so proud that she could do what mommy was doing :)

I know that Cameron isn't ready for solids yet but I thought we'd try just to see.  I got Johnnie on a video call so he could watch.  First food - avocado.  I put a tiny bit of mashed avocado on a baby spoon for her.  She did not want me putting the spoon in her mouth... she wanted to do it all by herself!  She loved gumming the spoon (no teeth yet) but I don't think she actually swallowed any of the avocado.  It all seemed to drool out of her mouth.

I'm in no rush for Cameron to start solids so we will happily wait until she is ready.  It is suggested to start solids at 6 months so Cam still has three weeks to go.  Many babies start solids before six months and some may actually be ready for it, but there are some good reasons to wait including that fact that delaying solids decreases the risk of food allergies.

Why Delay Solids? -KellyMom
6 Reasons to Delay Introducing Solids -Ask Dr. Sears
10 Tips for Starting Your Baby on Solid Food -Science of Mom

I am excited to make my own baby food when Cameron is ready for it.  Homemade baby food is easy to do, saves a ton a money, and lets you know exactly what your baby is eating.  There are a lot of resources available (books and websites) for baby food making.  I recently moved the food-related pins from my Baby Stuff and Kid Stuff Pinterest boards to create a new board just for Baby and Kid Food inspiration.  I'll keep adding to it and will (eventually) share the best recipes that I find.

"For you see, each day I love you more;
today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow."
~Rosemonde Gerard


  1. Adorable Valentine photo - if you hadn't said it, wouldn't have known the photo shoot didn't go so well.

    Speaking of doing things on one side, my Eddie (my Ratbone adoptee) only chews on one side of his mouth. When the vet examines him one side has tarter, one side looks new. My old vet suggested I get him to chew on the opposite side for a change - good thing he retired because that statement left me wondering ;)

    1. Too funny! I don't know how you could make a dog chew on the other side when I can't even get Dulce to roll over the other way :)