Family Friday: Nov 22

The weather is cooler now that it's approaching winter.  And by cooler, I mean only 5 degrees cooler but still, that 5 degrees is a noticeable difference here.  I can go jogging with Cameron in the stroller mid-afternoon now without feeling like I'm dying of heatstroke.

This week I tossed a swimsuit and a towel in the stroller before one of our runs and we stopped by the splash park on base while we were out.  This is a great little splash park located on the Hickam side of Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam at the end of Kokomalei St (the street between the chapel and the shoppette/gas station).  The water is turned on by pressing large buttons on two orange posts in the splash park.  Cameron had a good time but tired out pretty quickly.  We'll go back again for sure!

Before packing away our Halloween costumes, I realized that Dulce's costume might fit Cameron and it does!  It's a simple apron-style dress.  This gets my creative wheels turning for making some easy dress-up clothes for Cameron someday.  These "half dresses" would be so much easier to put on than a full dress!

When we lived in Georgia, Dulce hunted the squirrels in our backyard with a fierce determination.  They teased her from the tree branches.  You would think, by the way she acted, that the squirrels were making faces and throwing nuts at her.  Here in Hawaii, she kept our yard free of birds for a while but she quickly learned that it was a futile effort and gave up on it.  She is, however, an expert at catching flies in the house!

Dulce's newest obsession that she discovered last week is hunting the lizards in the bushes in front of our house.  There are a lot of creepy crawly things here in Hawaii and there are many types of lizards and geckos.  The bushes are home to a billion a lot of giant snails and lizards... and not the cute kind.

Every afternoon when we go outside to play, Dulce bolts straight for the bushes to hunt.  She gets so focused on finding lizards that she even ignored a huge ham bone that we gave her to chew on.  It's hard to get her away from the bushes to come inside!  Dulce pounces and hops through the bushes like a bunny while she's hunting.  Cameron and the neighborhood kids get a kick out of watching her!

So, does she actually catch any and does she kill them?  Yes, she caught seven lizards so far (that I know of).  No, she does not kill them (at least not on purpose).  When she catches one, she brings it out into the open grass and plays with it.  She puts it down and waits for it to start running so she can repeat the catch and chase again and again.  If it refuses to move, she nudges it with her nose or picks it up and tosses it.  I'll rescue the caught lizards after a minute and put them high on a ledge so they can rest and recover to battle Dulce another day.

Seriously... those eyelashes!  So jealous.

"The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man's determination."
~Tommy Lasorda 

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