Family Friday: Dec 6

Cameron turns 15 months old this weekend!  Next Friday I will post her 15 month photos because we didn't get them taken yet.  We had multiple days in a row of cloudy, rainy weather which is unusual for where we live.  It rains somewhere on the island every day but Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam is usually in a bubble of sunshine even if it's raining ½ a mile away. 

Cameron has been all about books, dolls, and music lately.  This girl loves to read!  She spends a lot of her play time every day looking through her books.

She is sitting on our tote of Christmas things in the photos above.  She figured out to climb up there all by herself so we left it out for a couple days.  She was so excited and proud of herself for getting up there on her own the first time!  I'm thankful that I caught her excitement on video:

Cameron has a few baby dolls and plays with all of them but there is one that she is becoming really attached to.  It's the Hasbro Baby Alive Luv N Snuggle that was a gift at her baby shower.  It's a soft doll with a rattle inside.  She carries this doll everywhere, stuffs it inside takes it for rides in her push and ride car, reads books with it, and gives it kisses.  It's super cute to watch her!

Cameron still loves taking Dulce for walks.  Dulce, on the other hand, is now more interested in lizard hunting so we have to pull her away to go on a walk.

Cameron plays the keyboard every day.  She is playing with more gusto now and is using both hands and more keys.  She even knows which buttons to push to get the demo music clips to play.  She loves to dance and will move and shake anytime she hears music, even if it's only me singing.

Two hands apparently just aren't enough!  Cameron realized this week that she can also play the piano with her feet.  I predict that she will be quite the musician someday :)

"Childhood is the most beautiful of all life's seasons."
~Author Unknown

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