Family Friday: 16 Months Old

I feel like Cameron has grown and changed so much since last month!  Not only in the way she looks but also in the way she is acting and understanding.  This month we took photos at the dog beach on Hickam Air Force Base.  I'll miss this beach when we move - the compacted sand, the calm water, the airplanes flying low overhead, the extra low tides, the dogs running around, the glorious sunsets, ...

At 16 months old, CC is 22 pounds and 30 inches tall.  She is wearing size 4 shoes (tiny feet!), size 4 diapers, and a mixture of size 12 and 18 month clothing.   She now has 13 teeth: top four front teeth, bottom four front teeth, all four first molars, and now one upper canine tooth.  Her hair is longer than it looks.  It goes down to her shoulders in the back and covers her eyes in the front but the curls keep it up and out of the way.

She is slowly overcoming her dislike of the sand.  She will touch it now but still doesn't want it to touch any other part of her.  That will surely change in this coming year.

CC has a few new words and sounds: wow, nanna (banana), roar, meow, and moo.  She uses "wow" in the correct context whenever she sees something interesting, beautiful, or unusual and it's so cute!  She uses animal sounds when she sees animals in books, on screen, or on toys.  She occasionally repeats sounds and words that she hears.  She loves pointing at things, in books or in real life, to have us name what the thing is.


CC still loves dogs, books, and music.  She now really loves dolls and stuffed animals as well.  She holds them, hugs them, and pats their backs.  She loves stirring and eating pretend food.  She loves wearing big shoes in the house.  She loves going for rides in the stroller and bike trailer.  She loves climbing on anything and has recently started climbing up to and going down the sliding boards on the neighborhood playgrounds all by herself!

CC hates being told not to do something and will instantly have a meltdown, running into my arms to sob against my shoulder every time.  She is starting to learn and test limits so there has been a lot more crying lately.  I try to keep her environment as "no-free" as possible but there will always be things that she needs to learn.  For example: it is okay to hit her toys against the ground, but it is not okay to hit furniture or Dulce with her toys.  When I say something like "I won't let you hit Dulce with that", she will throw her toy down and sob like it's the end of the world.  A few minutes later when she's done crying, she will take the toy near Dulce again, look and me, and say "no, no, no" while shaking her head - as if checking to see if she understands correctly.  I rarely have to tell her not to do the same thing twice.  She is a really good listener.

Lately, CC has been wanting to be hugged a lot.  She lays her head on my shoulder and pats my arm so that I'll pat her back (just like she does to her dolls).  It's so sweet, it melts my heart.  I always make time for her hugs :)

Cameron sat on my lap and watched this sunset with me... I'll remember sweet moments like this even if she doesn't.

"A hug is worth a thousand words."
~Author Unknown

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