Family Friday: May 16

Johnnie has been gone a work trip for the past three weeks and just got home yesterday.  This is the first time CC has seemed to really understand that daddy was gone and was coming home.  She has been playing with her Daddy Doll more than she ever has before and she got so excited when I told her that he was coming home!

Johnnie's parents and his sister and her boyfriend all arrived yesterday as well for a long visit!  We went from a very empty house to a very full house!  CC is very glad to have her daddy home and it didn't take long for her to warm up to everyone else.  She always has a good time with visitors and loves the attention.

CC has started singing this week!  She loves music, loves to dance, and loves to play her instruments so singing was the only thing left to add.  Every word of her songs is "la" but there are definitely melodies that she makes up herself.  She has a lot of musically and artistically talented relatives and I'm anxious to see if she inherited those talents.  At least she inherited the love of those things!

We picked up some colored pencils recently to add to CC's art supplies.  The bonus is that they don't write on surfaces as easily as crayons and markers do.  CC loves to draw but has proven that she cannot be trusted unsupervised with writing utensils... yet.

She still loves to read and sits for a long time reading all of her books to herself.

We don't go out often and when we do, it's usually to go grocery shopping.  Cameron loves shopping with me.  When she rides in the cart, she likes me to hand her things so she can put them in the basket.  If the store isn't crowded, I'll let her walk by herself and she likes to help me push the cart and carry our reusable bags.

We do almost all of our grocery shopping at Costco and at the Commissary (the military grocery store on base).  Our Costco has a fantastic selection of fresh and organic fruits, vegetables, meats, etc. and some are even locally grown.  Those two places have the cheapest prices on the island.  Groceries really are as expensive as you might have heard.  In the regular grocery stores here, one gallon of milk is $7 while a half gallon of organic milk is $7.  A tiny bottle of olive oil is $15 and cereal is $6-7 box.  I am very thankful the Commissary and Costco have more reasonable prices!

When we go onto base to shop at the commissary, we'll often stop at our favorite playground or meet Johnnie for lunch since we're there!

When we're home, we go outside everyday whether to go on walks, to ride in the wagon, or to play on the beach.

"You can shake the sand from your shoes, but not from your soul."

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