Family Friday: 15 Weeks

Warning: Family Friday posts are an open and honest update of our pregnancy.  There will be references to lady parts, internal organs, and bodily functions.  There will also be photos of baby bumps and ultrasounds.  If any of this bothers you, please stop reading now.

15 Weeks

 -  is over 4 inches long
 -  can move his/her arms and make a fist
 -  can wiggle his/her fingers and toes
 -  can sense light even though his/her eyelids are fused shut
 -  is practicing breathing by inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid

WEIGHT:  +1.5 pounds.  That's a 1 pound increase from last week!  Again, I am blaming some of that on the copious amount of Easter chocolate that I've been eating :)

BODY:  Not a noticeable difference in measurement this week.  I'm still about +2 inches on my waist, +2 inches on my lower belly, and +.5 inch on my hips.  I'm starting to feel pregnant now.  Although I am definitely getting thick around the middle, I wouldn't say that I actually have a "baby bump" yet.  It's more a bump made up of all my internal organs that are being shoved up and out of the way of my growing uterus, and topped with my layer of belly fat.  I'm now finding that I can't eat as much as I used to without feeling very full and uncomfortable since things are more crowded around my stomach.

THE GOOD:  The nausea appears to be gone for good and my food aversions are starting to go away!

THE BAD:  1) Illness.  This was a rough week for me, last Friday and Saturday being the worst of it.  I was incredibly sick with a headache, stuffy head, runny nose, sneezing, and achy muscles.  I managed to suffer through it by taking lots of vitamin C and using a Neti Pot for the congestion.  2) Constipation.  Isn't pregnancy glamorous?  This is a common complaint of many pregnant women.  Luckily, it's also an easily fixed issue.  I started adding the clear, flavorless Metamucil to my morning smoothies and after a few days things are flowing easily again.  3) Moods.  I was so calm and even tempered until the past couple weeks.  Lately I've more irritable with bouts of sadness.

FOOD:  More and more foods are starting to look good again.  I'm so glad for this because I love food and hated being a picky eater!  I'm starting to crave some of the food that I couldn't even look at a few weeks ago such as cereal, eggs, and meat.

EXERCISE:  None.  Unless you count moving boxes and unpacking.  I'm still not fully recovered from my cold and have had zero energy all week :(

OTHER NOTES:  This was a busy week!  On Monday I packed up our hotel room that we've been living in.  On Tuesday we got the keys to our new house and had our belongings from Korea delivered and set up.  On Wednesday we got a new bedroom set delivered (we've been waiting to buy one for three years now).  On Thursday we got internet hooked up and did some shopping for our new home.  And on Friday we picked up our car that came from Korea and started the process of getting it inspected and registered which apparently is no easy task on this island.  Johnnie has actually been gone on a temporary deployment for the past month and got home Monday night before our move.  He has been amazing all week, setting up as much as he can to make our new house comfortable for me before he leaves again for another month-long trip Saturday morning.  Saying goodbye so often is heartbreaking but after each trip we get to experience that newly-married, butterflies-in-the-stomach, honeymoon feeling all over again ;)

"Babies are a link between angels and man."
~Author Unknown

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  1. I am now so...looking forward to get up Sat Morn. zipping a cup of light roasted Guatemalan cup of coffee as I read the progress of beautiful Angela's pregnacy. So sorry you got sick and I hope and pray for your well being and baby. May Maj. Johnnie have a blessed trip. Much love and blessings.