Home Sweet Home

After living in a hotel for over two months, we finally moved into our house last week!  We could have lived anywhere on the island that we wanted to but we chose to live on Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam military base.  This is a very large base with a lot to offer such as a fitness center (that offers fitness classes), the dog beach, a people beach, library, shopping and restaurants, gas stations and convenience stores, post office, churches, jogging trails, playgrounds, sports fields, a swimming pool, and best of all... safe living in a great neighborhood :)

Our house is a three bedroom, two and a half bath, two-story home with a two-car garage in a four-plex building.  Located in the Onizuka Village housing area, the homes in this community were built just over a year ago and our unit only had one other family in it for a short time.  The house still looks brand new and was in move-in ready condition.

Home sweet home!  All of the houses on base look similar and are lovely shades of brown :)

The entry way as viewed from the front door:

The living room and dining room area are on the left.  A coat closet and bathroom are in the hallway that leads to the kitchen.

The half bath downstairs:

I love the size of this kitchen and all of the cabinet and counter space!  All appliances came with the house (including the washer and dryer).  We are going to use the large empty area in this room as a sitting area.  The sliding glass doors lead out to a covered porch and a yard that we will have fenced in for Dulce.

We have an actual laundry room!  The door beside the washer and dryer leads to the kitchen and I'm standing in the doorway that leads to the two-car garage.

Upstairs there are three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a linen closet, a large walk-in storage closet, and a built-in technology desk with connections for phone/internet/cable.

Two bedrooms - one for guests and one for Baby G :)

The upstairs guest bathroom:

The huge master bedroom:

The master bathroom has double sinks, a garden tub, a stall shower, and a big walk-in closet.

Moving is always a pain but being military, at least it's not very hard.  When we move, the Air Force supplies a moving company that wraps and packs everything, crates the boxes, and ships them to our next station.  When our crates arrive at our new location, all we have to do is stand there with a clipboard, check off the boxes as they are unloaded, and tell the movers where in the house to put things.  We still have the job of unpacking the boxes filled with smaller items but I'm thankful that someone else does the heavy lifting!

Our moving company in Korea did an amazing job packing our belongings.  Everything arrived accounted for and undamaged!  We have all of the basics and important necessities but we are still waiting for our belongings that we left in long-term storage in Georgia while we were in Korea.  It might be another month or two before seeing those crates!  In the meantime, I'm excited to start making this house our home :)

“I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself.”
~Maya Angelou


  1. Super nice Ang! Glad everything is going smooth and well. :)

  2. Oh! how wonderful! The home is so lovely and comfortable. You are right, the kitchen is very spacious and nice. Wow! everything looks new. You look so nice with dark shades, and t-shirt? Overhere an over coat or jacket is much needed still. Hugs.

  3. Hope you are enjoying Hawaii! We will be leaving in Oct. I am sad, at the same time excited for our next adventure! :) Megan

  4. Thank you so much for putting these pictures up! I've always wondered how military housing looked like!! Thanks! :)

  5. I just happened to come across your blog by google searching Onizuka Village pictures and what you have is just perfect! My husband is in Hawaii now and offered the 3 bedroom and I am not there so you can imagine my excitement to be able to view your photos. Can you tell me the approx. side of the storage room upstairs and the storage area in the garage. Also, can you tell me if the rooms are all cable and internet ready? Like if I wanted to use the area next to the kitchen as my living room. Again Thanks so much!!!

    1. I'm glad you found this post helpful! Congratulations on getting a house in Onizuka, it's a great neighborhood to live in. We are traveling at the moment so I can't measure anything right now but I would say the upstairs storage closet is about 4'x6' and it has shelves built into the wall on one side. There is also a linen closet in the hall upstairs. From seeing into other people's garages when their doors are up, I can tell you that the garage layouts vary with different houses depending house orientation and location within the four-plex. Most people park 1 car in the garage and 1 in the driveway so they can have more room in the garage for storage, especially if they have bicycles, motorcycles, strollers, kayaks, etc. However, it is possible to fit both cars in the garage and still store things. Most people (including us) put heavy duty shelving units along the walls for storage in the garage.

      Many people use the empty area in the kitchen as a living room or sitting area - it's fun to visit other people's houses and see how differently everyone sets things up. All (or most) rooms are cable ready. The internet wiring may or may not be done correctly in your house (it's not in ours) but we put a wireless router in the "hallway office" desk area upstairs and therefore have wireless internet throughout the house.

      Feel free to comment further or send me an email if you have anymore questions! I hope your move goes smoothly :)