Dream BIG

I have a billion and one hobbies, or at least it seems that way.  I have many talented artistic and musical family members and relatives so I like to think that it runs in our blood.  I really hope that Baby G inherits and enjoys my crafty and musical abilities :)

Although I love creating art and crafty projects, I don't really consider myself a true "artist" because I've really never created anything completely unique... yet.  I admit that I'm a copycat when it comes to art.  I pull ideas and inspiration from other people and things.  Perhaps that's why Pinterest is one of my favorite websites :)  The unoriginal art that I create is simply for my own home or as gifts for friends.  It satisfies my crafty desires, gives me a challenge, and saves a ton of money.  I could never buy art or a crafty item to put in our house if it is something that I could have recreated myself!

My paints and painting supplies have been in storage since the end of 2010.  I am thrilled to finally have them all back and was itching to use them!  Luckily, one of my neighbors just had a baby girl which gave me the perfect excuse.  Soon I'll start working on some artwork for Baby G's nursery :)

Artist canvases can be really expensive to buy.  Making your own is much cheaper and gives you unlimited size options.  Many years ago, I used a 40% off coupon at Michael's Craft Store and bought a huge roll of primed canvas that is over four feet wide and six yards long - that is going to make a LOT of canvases!  Canvas stretcher bars are inexpensive and easy to use.  You buy four of whatever size you choose, slide them together, and secure the joints with a staple gun.  I spent less than $8 on the bars for my custom 14 x 16 canvas.

Once your frame is together, you simply need to cut and staple gun the canvas to the frame.  Look at a ready-made canvas to see how to cut and fold the corners for a professional appearance.  Stretch the canvas as tight as you can but don't worry about getting it drum tight.  There is a product called "Canvas Tite" that will help you out with that.  Simply brush Canvas Tite on the back of your finished canvas, let it dry, and the canvas will shrink to a perfect tight fit - it doesn't get any easier than that!

This vintage airplane print from SevenElevenStudios on Etsy was my inspiration for this art project:

I chose colors that match my friend's nursery and changed the airplane to a silhouette of a C-17 cargo plane which is what her husband flies.  The background is the only thing I did freehand.  The letters and the plane were printed out on paper and then traced onto the painted background using an art projector or carbon transfer paper.  Once the outlines are lightly traced, it's a matter of painting between the lines and adding detail.

When the painting was completely dry, I finished it with a coat of Krylon Kamar Varnish.  This is a non-yellowing varnish for oil, acrylic, or watercolor art.  It has a slight sheen to it but it isn't glossy, and it dries quickly for lasting protection.

Dream BIG, baby girl!

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."
~Henry David Thoreau


  1. Hi! This turned out wonderfully :) Thank you for including a link to my etsy shop.


    1. Thank you, Ashley, for the inspiration! Your artwork, especially the airplane prints, are amazing :) I hope my blog readers will visit your site to see more of your work!

  2. Love it! And you are an artist when it comes to photography. I wish I could take a good photo.

    1. I guess I could consider myself real artist with my photography! Thank you for the reminder :) Sometimes I have to look back through my digital albums and through this blog to be reminded of all I've done and seen... I have taken more photographs than I can count.

  3. I hope that everything is well in regards to your Dr's. appointment results. I truly admire your many artistic talents. I am sure that baby G will inherit these artistic and professional talents from your family and Dusty's family as well. You look great!