Happy Birthday, Dulce!

It's Dulce's 3rd birthday!!!  Since her last birthday, Dulce has experienced some big things for being such a little dog.  She started off her third year still living in Korea.  There, she enjoying hiking with us in nearby parks and playing in the snow.  She also won big at some contests during the 2011 Woof Stock dog festival!

At the end of January, we moved to Hawaii!  Dulce had to spend a month in quarantine and another month living in a hotel with me, but now she enjoys soaking up the sun every day in our yard and taking trips to the dog beach.

Dulce is a 17 pound bundle of love and is such a blessing to have in our lives!

I'm sure you've heard that "1 human year equals 7 dog years"... that means that this 3rd birthday is equivalent to her 21st birthday!  Although Dulce is more of a beer girl, I thought a martini would be a little classier for the occasion.  Don't worry, this Pink Lady martini was non-alcoholic :)

"A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day
journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip!"
~Author Unknown