I just finished my first project for Baby G's room and I'm thrilled with the finished product!  That first project was finishing/fixing the curtains by adding grommets to the top.  I haven't revealed anything about Baby G's nursery yet, so let me back up:

I always knew how I would decorate a baby boy's nursery but when we found out that Baby G was a girl, I drew a blank.  I searched the internet for bedding sets that I liked and decorating ideas but nothing appealed to me.  I'm not a fan of cartoony baby decorations or extra frilly girly things.  Besides the fact that all bedding sets came with a crib skirt, a bumper, and a quilt.  It's not recommended to even use a bumper or quilt in a crib now, so I didn't see the point of purchasing an entire set!  When I realized that all I needed was a crib skirt and curtains... inspiration finally struck :)

We had a guest room in our house in Georgia that I loved.  I have decided to use the curtains, artwork, and color scheme in Baby G's nursery to make it a sophisticated, feminine, and tranquil space.  At least until she's old enough to decide that hot pink is her favorite color and wants to redecorate :)

The windows in our house are just a bit wider than standard so the curtains didn't cover the entire window.  Luckily I was able to easily unstitch the pleats at the top which extended the width just enough.  However, that made the simple clips at the top look too small and insignificant and the curtains were just a bit too long.

Walking through a local craft store recently, I spotted curtain grommets in the sewing section.  I never realized these were something that I could purchase and install myself!  Of course the only craft store chain on this island is extremely limited and only had one color available.  Thank goodness for Amazon!  I ordered 2 packs of the color I wanted (champagne) and each pack was $6 cheaper than in the craft store!  Have I ever mentioned that the prices in Hawaii are outrageous?

The grommets were super easy to install, look fantastic, and solved the length issue without having to hem the curtains.  If and when I make my own curtains someday, I will be using grommets like these again.  They are plastic but it's hard to tell once they are installed and hanging up.

The grommets come in packs of 8 and I used one pack per curtain.  I spaced the grommets about 4 inches apart, 1 inch down from the top.  The two halves of the grommet simply snap together.  They are easily pried apart if you need to remove or readjust them.

The grommets come with a template to draw a circle.  You cut the circle out, position half of the grommet beneath the fabric and then snap the top piece into place.  These curtains are a medium-weight  fabric and lined so I had to press the grommet halves against the floor with my palm to snap them together.  All in all, this was a very easy project to do with great results!

"Before and After" pictures... big improvement!

Future projects for the nursery include making a crib skirt, a custom name art piece for the wall, and a memory ribbon board for the wall.

“Think left and think right and think low and think high.
Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try.”
~Dr. Seuss

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