Family Friday: 33 Weeks

Warning: Family Friday posts are an open and honest update of our pregnancy.  There will be references to lady parts, internal organs, and bodily functions.  There will also be photos of baby bumps and ultrasounds.  If any of this bothers you, please stop reading now.

33 Weeks

 -  is over 17 inches long from head to heel
 -  keeps her eyes open and looks around when she's awake
 -  has pupils that now constrict and dilate in response to light
 -  has hardened bones except for her skull which needs to stay soft and pliable for delivery

WEIGHT:  + 18 pounds total.  Another one pound gain this week.

BODY:  My waist is still at +6.5 inches, my lower belly is now at +6.5 inches, and my hips are still at +2 inches.  Last weekend Baby G repositioned herself back over to my left side which is so much more comfortable for me!  After a few weeks of going to the chiropractor, I'm happy to say that my back pain is now minimal and doesn't affect my daily life anymore.  However, I've been having muscle and ligament pains under my belly for weeks now (mostly in the afternoons/evenings) but this week was particularly miserable.  Thankfully, my chiropractor had a suggestion that works wonders!  SpiderTech Kineseology Tape is a non-medicated cotton tape that is water-resistant, breathable, and stays on for days.  Strips of this tape on each side of my lower belly (running from my pelvic bones up toward my belly button, see it in the photo above?) gives my ligaments just enough support to combat the fatigue and pain.  I was skeptical at first but I am amazed at the difference it makes!

THE GOOD:  1) Movement.  Although it can be uncomfortable at times, Johnnie and I really do enjoy watching and feeling my belly undulate with Baby G's powerful kicks and stretches.  2) Bedtime Stories.  Johnnie has been borrowing children's books from the library and reading them to Baby G every night.  It is the sweetest thing ever!  Baby G wiggles around while listening to his voice.  I know this will help her to recognize her daddy when she's born :)

THE BAD:  1) Heartburn. This is frequent but is expected in the last trimester.  2) Afternoon Slump.  My energy is actually good in the mornings and decent in the evenings, but every afternoon I feel completely drained and need a nap.

FOOD:  Bread and pasta seem to be giving me the most heartburn lately.  This is awful since bread is my all-time favorite food!  Especially since I just found this One Hour Rolls recipe via Pinterest that is amazing.  I made the dough in my bread machine and then baked the rolls in the oven - so easy and seriously delish!

EXERCISE:  Still keeping things easy this week with yoga stretches and sitting on my exercise ball daily.  I've been feeling more energy returning in the past few days (especially since the back and ligament pains are all under control now) so actually I went on a few walks this week and rode my bicycle for a bit.

OTHER NOTES:  What a busy week!  I had a chiropractor appointment, a doctor's appointment, we had two birthing classes, and we attended a marriage enrichment day at Johnnie's workplace.  At the doctor's appointment, I found out that my uterus is measuring exactly what it should be for how far along I am (yay!) and that Baby G's strong heartbeat is loudest below my belly button which means that she is in fact in a head-down position.  I only have 7 weeks to go so the doctor scheduled ALL of my final appointments... the end is closing in!

Johnnie snapped this photo of me at the hospital to show me that I don't look pregnant from behind :)

The birthing classes at our hospital were 3.5 hours each and packed full of discussion, slideshows, photographs, illustrations, and videos.  I've been present for two births now (my sister-in-law and my best friend) so I know what to expect and actually have very little anxiety about going through the process myself.  Johnnie, on the other hand, was seeing some graphic birthing photos and videos for the first time.  Based on his reaction, I'm sure that he'll handle the real deal like a true champ and be an amazing coach to have next to me in the delivery room :)

"Having a baby is like falling in love again,
both with your husband and your child." 
~Tina Brown


  1. I love the photo from behind! I looked the same way, though not as cute as you.

  2. What a great idea to snap a pic from behind; so right you do not look pregnant. I had a lump on my throat and tearing eyes just to imagine Johnnie reading bedtimes stories to baby G. No doubt, he will be the best daddy on earth. Please take good care of your self.