Family Friday: 3 Months Old

13 Weeks Old

It's hard to believe that Cameron is 3 months old already!  In one sense it feels like forever ago that she was born, but then it also feels like time is flying by.  She started her life at 5 lbs 13 oz and now weighs 11 lbs  6 oz.  I am still exclusively breastfeeding Cameron and I feed her on demand.  During the day, she eats about every 4 hours, but in the evenings her last few meals are every 2 hours.  At night she sleeps 7 to 8 hours straight and she usually takes 3 naps during the day.  She still gets very fussy in the evenings from about 5pm until she's ready for bed.

Cameron has gotten better at rolling over!  She doesn't do it often but when she does decide to roll, she can do it very quickly now.  She still smiles, laughs, and "talks" a lot!  I most love when she flirts with me - she'll turn her head, look at me out of the corner of her eyes, and smile bashfully.  It melts my heart every time :)

In the past week, Cameron has mastered a couple new things.  First, she has discovered that kicking her feet while sitting in her bouncy chair makes the chair bounce!  It's so cute to watch her excitement as she bounces herself :)  Second, she now turns her head to follow action.  She follows Dulce and I with her eyes and by turning her head to keep us in sight.

My mother got here this week for a 10-day visit!  My grandma was supposed to come as well but she recently broke her ankle.  We were sad she couldn't come but we think of her daily and can't wait to see her in the spring!

Cameron is having a great time getting to know her Nana, and my mom is certainly enjoying the time with her newest granddaughter.  Having her here gives me a little more free time so hopefully I can catch up on some blog posts, holiday baking, and the hundred other things on my To-Do list!

Lots of smiles and giggles for Nana :)

I am still running at least 3 miles every other day.  With my mom here, Dulce and I have done a couple runs alone, leaving Cam at home.  Without the stroller we certainly run faster, doing an 11 minute mile versus a 12:30 minute mile.  On December 15, I will be running a 5K race pushing Cam in the Bob.  It will be my first race in well over a year and I'm so excited!

Starting on Monday, I'm taking on a 60 day Beachbody Insanity challenge with some friends, led by a Beachbody coach to keep us all on track.  I have the Insanity videos and used to do them a year ago before getting pregnant.  I love Insanity!  It's a tough workout that burns tons of calories and only takes about 30 minutes a day which is totally doable even with a new baby in the house.

I have a severe shortage of random Cameron photos this week!  There is actually a reason for that... Christmas photos.  First, I photographed a friend's little girl who was 4.5 months old.  It was a lot of fun and super easy to get a ton of great photos of her!  Photographing Cameron who was not quite 3 months old, however, was considerably more challenging because of the more limited poses she can do and her extremely short happy-for-the-camera span.  It took an entire week of 5-minute sessions to get enough photos of Cam to satisfy the photographer in me.

I created a simple photo studio setup in the guest bedroom and got great photos using only a few things you may already have in your house.  In a few days, I'll put up a blog post showing how you can recreate this same look in photos of your little one if you're up for the challenge :)

"Grandmas hold our tiny hands for just a little while, but our hearts forever."
~Author Unknown

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