Family Friday: Dec 21

15 Weeks Old

Cameron has survived her first "the world is going to end" day!  The Mayan calendar ended today but we are all still here.  We're thankful that Hawaii didn't turn into a pool of molten lava ;)

The most noticeable change with Cameron this week is that her grasping skills have greatly improved!  She has gotten very good at grabbing, holding on, and pulling on the rings hanging from her play mat.

Today we walked over to the BX and happened to find a darling little pair of shoes that match Cameron's Christmas dress!  I put them on her lap while we continued through the store and within minutes she had grabbed the tag and brought it to her mouth - I was impressed as she's never done that before!  We may very soon be entering the "everything goes in my mouth" phase :)

Dulce has gotten a LOT more comfortable with Cameron in the past couple weeks.  She always would sit or lie down close to Cam but now she is often found right beside her.  Dulce often gets kicked or smacked in the face because she's so close but she doesn't seem to mind.  Cameron doesn't seem to mind the close company either :)  However, it's not all cuddly and cute.  Dulce never licked Cameron until recently.  She has discovered the spit-up and drool that comes out of Cameron's mouth and finds it tasty.  Gross I know!  I now have to keep a close eye on her so that she doesn't lick Cameron's face.

We all sit outside every morning for a while before nap time and get some fresh air.  Cameron is content sitting on my lap and looking at the world around her, while Dulce is happy taking a nap in her sunshine-filled bed.  It's the only time during the day when I sit and not think about the billion other things I need to do.  I simply enjoy being with Cam and noticing the little things like her long eyelashes, knuckle dimples, and chubby baby feet :)

Cameron has been a drooling queen for the past couple weeks.  Her shirt is always wet in front and sometimes I have to change her outfit because it gets so wet.  I can't imagine how much drool she'll produce when she starts teething!

She is still fussy in the evenings but thankfully it has recently lessened from 3.5 hours down to about 2 hours.  I am amazed and very grateful that no matter how fussy she is in the evenings, she goes to bed easily at 8:30 every night and falls asleep on her own.  Bedtime is so easy in fact, that I'm afraid to change anything.  Cameron still sleeps in a bassinet on my bed and I know that soon I will have to transition her to her crib.  She is growing fast and changes are coming!

Cameron and I ran a Jingle Bell 5K race on base last Saturday morning!  This was her first race of many.  I really hope that Cameron develops an interest in running and exercise and will run some races with me when she's older.  I actually haven't been running at all lately (besides the race) but I have been doing Beachbody Insanity workout videos daily as part of a 60 challenge.  The videos really work your legs (and the rest of your body) so I find that it improves my running time by making my legs stronger.  We are currently on day 12 of the challenge and while I haven't lost any weight yet, I can already tell a difference in my muffin top midsection and I can feel an improvement in endurance while doing the videos compared to day 1.  Taking care of Cameron and Dulce are my number one priority.  Making time for daily exercise is a close second because I feel good doing something for myself that relieves some stress and anxiety.

‎"A strong outside strengthens the inside."
~Selene Yeager

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