Family Friday: Jan 18

19 Weeks Old

As I'm finishing this blog post tonight, Cameron is sleeping in her crib for the first time!!  She has been sleeping in her bassinet on our bed until now, mostly because Johnnie is gone and it's comforting for me to have her near.  However, she is quickly outgrowing her bassinet and she should be sleeping in her crib at night anyway so the transition has to start now.  She is used to sleeping in her bassinet on our bed so I simply put her bassinet in the crib for this first night.  It worked like a charm and she fell asleep just as quickly as she normally does.  Now I have to see, in the next few nights, if she'll fall asleep in the crib without the bassinet surrounding her.

We have a baby monitor mounted on the wall in her nursery that has infrared vision so that I can still watch her when it's dark in the room.  I can view and hear the monitor's video and audio output on my iPhone and on our iPad.  I can also move the camera on both of those things (thus the arrows on the photo below).

This week Cameron, Dulce, and I have started taking sunset walks every evening.  I wear Cameron in a sling so that she is sitting up and can look around.  She loves being able to see everything!  She has to actively engage her neck muscles to hold and move her head the entire time which I really think is contributing her awesome nightly slumber.  Each night that we walk, she sleeps for 12 hours straight!  Carrying her is also good exercise for me and Dulce loves getting out as well :)

Cameron has learned to blow spit bubbles this week.  She is fascinated with this new sound so she does it very often.  Her shirt gets wet even faster than before now that she's forcing the drool out!

This week Cameron has also developed a fascination with double-fisting the toys hanging from her playmat.  She is no longer satisfied playing with only one hand.  She needs things in both hands now and she needs everything to go in her mouth.  It's so fun to sit back and watch her play :)

Cameron is consistently putting weight on her legs this week.  She will do this when I hold her and also when she is playing in her Exersaucer.  Just look at those straight legs and that look of determination!

I made one of my Pinterest pinned projects this week!  I used these directions on Hobo Mama's blog to make some leg warmers for Cameron out of some adult knee socks.  Our local Target store currently has a great selection of colorful and cheap women's knee socks available so I picked some up to try this project on.  They were quick and easy to make and they are so fun to look at!

Dulce has discovered the comfort of the Boppy pillow this week.  If I leave it on the floor, she's on it.  I try to keep Cameron's things out of Dulce's reach as much as possible.  Dulce will bring me Cameron's toys, burp clothes, pacifiers, and anything else she can find or reach.  I'm very grateful that she doesn't chew any of it and it's sweet that she's being "helpful" but I still have to wash the things that have been in her mouth.

My favorite moment of the week happened while I was doing the dishes.  Luckily I had my iPhone in my pocket for a quick photo!  I should've taken video because Cameron was actually kicking her legs and bouncing them off of Dulce's back.  Dulce didn't mind in the least - I see that as proof that Dulce really loves her baby sister :)

“What infants need is the opportunity and time to take in and figure out the world around them.”
~Magda Gerber, RIE Founder

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