Family Friday: Jan 25

20 Weeks Old

Last Friday night, Cameron slept in her crib at night for the first time.  Up until then, she was sleeping in a bassinet on our bed.  To make the transition, I put her bassinet in the crib.  She slept in her bassinet in the crib for three nights before I removed the bassinet.  The first night without the bassinet, she spent a few minutes looking around before drifting off to sleep.  The transition was easier for her than I thought it would be.   It has been harder for me.  I'm actually having a hard time falling asleep now that I'm in our big bed alone.  I watch Cameron on the monitor a lot while I'm in bed at night and in the morning.

Without the bassinet, Cameron has more room to move around.  She manages to move quite a bit despite being swaddled!  The photo on the left below is just after she fell asleep.  The middle photo is when she woke in the morning - that's a big shift for still being swaddled.  She then spent 20 minutes quietly wiggling around until she got both arms free of the swaddle which is the photo on the right.

Since she can escape the swaddle (with a lot of effort), we tried no swaddling last night.  I put her in pajamas and a sleep sack.  When I swaddle her, she falls asleep within minutes.  Without the swaddle, she thrashed her arms and legs around for 15 minutes before she fell asleep.  She did still sleep over 11 hours unswaddled, BUT she woke up three times throughout the night which she never does when swaddled.  Each time she woke up, I gave her a pacifier and turned on Sleepy Sheep and she fell back asleep within a few minutes.  It took much longer for me to fall back asleep each time which really affected my energy level today.  I need some uninterrupted sleep tonight so she's back in the swaddle.  We'll continue to try "no swaddle" sleeping every other night until she gets used to it.

Cameron has learned to roll onto her side this week!  She seems quite proud of herself and thrilled that she can see things from a new angle :)

Her neck and head control has greatly improved so we tried sitting in the Bob stroller this week!  She loves that she can sit up and look around!  I put a Summer Infant Snuzzler in the stroller which adds just enough padding and support.  I am not jogging with her sitting up yet, we're only going for walks.


Cameron will touch and grab everything in her reach now.  Dulce has discovered that if she is close enough to Cameron, she'll get some lovin'.  This is a win-win situation because Dulce loves being touched and touching her is a fantastic sensory experience for Cameron!  There are many studies that say babies raised with pets (especially dogs) during their first year of life have a lower risk for colds, ear infections, asthma, and allergies.  I won't let Dulce lick Cameron but I'm fine with having the two of them close and touching, especially if it could possibly boost her chances of staying healthy.

This is a video of Cameron petting Dulce.  There is also some cooing and bubble spitting :)

They get along so well :)  It won't be long before Cameron passes Dulce up in weight and size!

It's been well over a year since I last got my hair cut.  It hadn't been this long for over a decade.  I always wondered what it would be like to have long hair again and honestly... I hate it!  It's healthier than it's ever been but I just don't have (nor do I care to spend) the time needed to style it.  It's heavy, it hangs, it gets in the way, and it ends up in a ponytail every single day.  To make it worse, a week after I stopped breastfeeding, my hair started falling out like crazy!  Luckily it's too thick to notice a difference.  After I wash my hair in the shower, there is so much hair in the drain that it looks like a drowned rat... I kid you not.  I swear I'm shedding worse than Dulce lately!

This week I finally got the haircut that I've been desperately wanting for months now.  I will never let it get this long again so I took some before and after photos as a keepsake.  I got over 4 inches cut off which is short enough to make it manageable and bouncy while still long enough to pull back.  My hair is still falling out but at least now with shorter hair, the rat in the shower is much smaller :)

"Infants always do what they can do and they should not
be expected to do what they are not ready for."
~Magda Gerber

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