Family Friday: Mar 22

28 Weeks Old

I am PMSing and Cameron is teething... Johnnie is missing all the fun!  Seriously, being a "single" parent during a week like this sucked.  Big time.  There were nights when I desperately wanted a break but all I could do was grit my teeth and pray for bedtime to come quickly.  Coincidentally, those were also the nights when all I wanted for dinner was chocolate chips.  That's right... Nestle Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips straight into my belly without a cookie surrounding them.  It helped.

Cameron doesn't have any teeth poking out yet but they are coming.  She has recently developed many of the teething symptoms and her gum feels rough so I don't think it will be long now.  Thankfully she is still sleeping well at night for the time being.  Her Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit is still magically working, keeping her from waking herself (and me) throughout the night, so that she wakes up happy and rested.

Solid food feeding is going great.  Cameron still insists on feeding herself but now lets me hold onto the end of the spoon.  I have quite a variety of frozen 1oz portions of food built up in the freezer.  For the time being, I make and freeze one type of food at a time and then I thaw and mix together portions of two different types to create combinations.

My favorite was the yam-banana combo.  However, Cameron flat out refused to eat it!  It was her first time with bananas which are sweeter than anything she has had yet.  Apparently it was too sweet.  Cameron's favorite so far is broccoli combos!  She has had broccoli-apple and broccoli-pear and gobbled those combos up like they were candy and then spent ten minutes licking the spoon clean each time.  So she doesn't like bananas but she loves broccoli... crazy kid :)

Dulce and Cameron have had their first real play interaction!  Dulce has a game she plays with us where she will drop a toy near you and only grab it if you grab it... like a see-who's-quicker kind of game.  She just discovered she can play this game with Cameron.  Being a good big sister, she let Cameron grab the toy first before taking it :)  I can't wait until Cameron can keep Dulce entertained!

Cameron caught a wagging tail :)  Dulce let her hold onto it for a while before moving away.

So far Cameron has only shown interest in Dulce's dishes when she sees Dulce eating.  Thank goodness Dulce eats all of her food as soon as it is put in her dish.  It's always gone by the time Cameron makes her way over to it.  Still, we will have to do something about the dishes in the near future since the water dish is always full.

"Watching teething babies is like watching over a thermonuclear
reactor - it is best done in shifts, by well-rested people."
~Anthony Doerr

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