Ready For First Foods

This is not a sponsored post.  We purchased all of these items ourselves and simply want to share our opinions. Thank you for joining us!

When you make your own baby food, you know exactly what your baby is eating because you choose the ingredients.  There is no chance of preservatives, fillers, or artificial ingredients.  You also save money and the environment by not buying and discarding baby food jars and containers.

Making baby food is so easy and you don't need anything that you don't most likely already have.  You have to steam or boil the food which can be done in a microwave or on the stove, you need a blender or food processor for blending the food, and you need a way to freeze the food if you make large batches of it (ice cube trays work for that).

However, if you want to make the process super quick and simple, I recommend the Beaba Babycook Baby Food Maker.

I am in love with the Beaba Babycook!  It's a small appliance about the size of a two-slice toaster.  You put a measured amount of water in the reservoir (on the left), put fresh or frozen food in the steamer basket inside the cup, lock everything into place, and turn it on.  The Beaba will steam the food perfectly and will shut off when it's finished.  Steaming food doesn't get any easier than that.

When the steaming process is complete, lift out the basket and save the remaining water to use for blending.  Put the steamed food into the blender cup, add some of the water saved from steaming, and blend it into a puree.  I got perfect creamy smooth puree each time.  All of the steaming and blending is done in this one device so there is very little cleanup involved as compared to using other baby food preparation methods.

There are many foods I will buy fresh but there are some foods that are so much easier to buy frozen.  When there are organic frozen foods available, I think it's worth using them to save on prep time.  Especially for things like butternut squash which are a pain to cut up yourself.

You can use ice cube trays for freezing baby food.  However, there are better alternatives available such as the Mumi&Bubi Compact Baby Food Freezer Storage Trays.  This is a pack of two trays with lids that each hold 21 perfect 1oz portions of baby food.  The lids protect the food while it's freezing and allow the trays to stack neatly.  The portion slots are rounded on the bottom so that the frozen food is easy to remove.

Once the portions are frozen, run the bottom of the trays under warm water for a few seconds, and then simply push the portions out.  I put the frozen portions into a freezer bag for storage until use.  The trays are top-rack dishwasher safe.

I'm already formulating ideas in my head for using the Beaba and Mumi&Bubi trays for things other than baby food... can you imagine blended fruit frozen into 1oz portions to use in smoothies, or frozen portions of sauces or herbs to quickly add in when cooking?!  So many possibilities :)

I also have the Baby Bullet Complete Baby Care System but only because I bought it from a neighbor friend at an unrefusable price.  The Bullet comes with two blades, two cups for blending, a silicone freezer tray, and six storage cups.

I admit, I do really like the milling blade.  This blade allows you to turn grains and rice into a fine powder to prepare by itself or to combine with any fruit and veggie puree.  You know that homemade baby rice or oatmeal cereal is a great thing if you've ever looked at the list of ingredients on the average store-bought box.

However, the average food processor will also turn grains and rice into a fine powder.  If you have a food processor or a really powerful blender then the Baby Bullet really is not worth buying.

I blended up some avocado puree (avocado and water) in the Baby Bullet while food was steaming in the Beaba.  The end result was a smooth and creamy puree although I had to shake the cup a few times to ensure that all the pieces made contact with the blade.

The one thing actually love about the Baby Bullet is the manual/cookbook that comes with it!  It contains some great recipes, feeding charts and schedules, and baby food making tips.

The Baby Bullet claims that you can "Make an entire week's worth of all natural baby food in less than 5 minutes!". The blending time certainly takes less than 5 minutes, but that obviously does not include cook time.  The instructions tell you that in addition to the Baby Bullet system, you also need a vegetable steamer.  The Beaba is a steamer as well as a blender which is much more convenient.  However, the Bullet does come with food storage containers and the Beaba does not.

A big difference between Beaba Babycook and the Baby Bullet is the blade.  The Beaba's blade is removable which allows for a complete and thorough cleaning of all the parts.  The Bullet's blade is not removable so you can never completely clean the underside of the blades or where it is connected to the base.  I have a personal blender that I use for smoothies and like the Bullet, the blade is not removable.  Food "gunk" inevitably builds up under the blade and I do my best to scrub it with a toothbrush occasionally.  For making baby food, I feel more comfortable with the cleanliness of a removable blade.

One necessity for feeding baby is a high chair.  I personally never wanted to get a typical high chair because 1) it takes up too much space and 2) it separates the baby from family meals.  Children learn by example.  I want our children to eat with us at the table so that they are part of our meal and can learn table manners by watching us.  There are some great options available for this purpose including tray-less high chairs that pull up to a table and booster seats or space-saver high chairs that attach to a regular dining chair.

Being a military family that travels as much as we do, I considered portability as well and therefore went with the Inglesina Fast Table Chair.  It folds flat so that we can take it with us whether we eating away from home or traveling.  The couplings under the table twist securely onto tables up to 3.5" thick and the top arms won't scratch the table's surface.  It is lightweight, washable, and holds children up to 37 pounds.  We will use this chair until she graduates to a booster seat.

Welcome to the world of food, baby girl!  It's going to be an exciting culinary adventure that we can't wait to share with you!

"Cooking is so popular today because it’s the perfect mix of food and fun."
~Emeril Lagasse


  1. Those eyes are so beautiful!

    The pear looks yummy but Mama please don't make her eat those green peas, lol.

  2. Store-bought baby food can be expensive! If you have a food maker, It’s easy to see how you prepare your own food that can save a lot of money. Where did you buy your baby bullet baby-food making system? I bought my baby food maker at a month ago. My son is only 2 years old and he's not able to chew food when he's eating, that's why me and my husband bought it. I really love the way it makes food, It looks like I'm just playing on it.

  3. Hi! Did you have to sterilize the ziploc bags before using them? Thanks!

    1. Hi! I did not sterilize the ziplock bags. I used brand new ones with every batch and washed my hands before touching them.

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