Family Friday: 7 Months

31 Weeks Old

Cameron turned 7 months old this week.  She is still in size 2 diapers but is finally fitting into all 6 month clothing now.  Some of her 3 month clothing, such as the white onesie in her weekly photo, still fits but is stretched tight.

She is so active now!  She is constantly moving, reaching, grabbing, and exploring everything.  She bounces around even when I'm holding her.  She wears herself out and now takes a 2+ hour morning nap every day.  Her favorite foods are broccoli and butternut squash but she hates bananas.  She loves making noise by pounding and shaking things and by squealing and babbling.

Smiling one minute and crying the next... typical girl :)

Our air conditioner died this week and maintenance couldn't come until the next day to fix it.  The downstairs of our house got up to 80°F which was warm but bearable.  The upstairs was much warmer and stuffy so there was no way we could sleep comfortably up there.  It happened to be a windless night so open windows didn't do a thing except let in outside noises.

We camped out in the living room for the night.  I slept on the couch and Cameron slept next to me on the floor in her old bassinet which she luckily still fit into.  Dulce started the night in her bed but ended up with me on the couch at some point in the night.  It was a fun little adventure but I'm glad it was only for one night.

Dulce tries her best to get into Cameron's play area every day so on the day I was going to wash the quilt and toys anyway, I opened up the fence so they could be together.  Cameron went straight for the sliding glass door and looked out for a while (and bonked her head on the glass and hit it with her hand a few times) and then went back to her quilt and played with her toys.  Dulce never left her side :)

Cameron's hair is still very thin but it's starting to grow a bit in length.  My hair has also hit a growth cycle and now I have new bangs that look a lot like Cameron's. 

The one thing about having a baby that I was not prepared for at all was the horrendous amount of postpartum hair loss that occurs months after birth and also the ridiculous-looking new hair when it starts to grow back.  My hair is thinner than it has ever been (more so in the front and top) and now I have this comical little tuft of new growth along my hairline.  I have no idea what to do with it.

I once had grandiose ideas of looking all cute and stylish to welcome Johnnie home from deployment but my stupid hair is raining on my parade.  At least Cameron will look cute.  I'm working on a stylish little something for her to wear.  By the way, we are now counting down days until he returns... single digit days!!!  It's still hard to believe that we made it to the end!

Cameron and I got clocked by a radar speed sign while we were running this week!  It took me by surprise but sure enough my GPS heart rate monitor said we were running a 10 minute mile pace which is 6 miles per hour.  When I first started running when Cam was three months, I was running a 15 minute mile (without the stroller) and it was difficult.  It's encouraging to see such an improvement in my fitness level and my speed in the past four months.

The Plumeria trees are flowering on base right now.  The ground is sprinkled with colorful flowers and the breeze carries the sweet intoxicating scent.  It's little things like this that makes life enjoyable :)

"Don't worry about a thing, 'cause every little thing gonna be all right."
~Bob Marley

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  1. My dearest love ones: I see Cam our little piece of Heaven has grown so much, she is so pretty and so lovely. I am so happy that Dusty is coming home! Yay! What a way to celebrate Dusty's return with a giveaway. If I win, I will share it with my friends from the church I help out when I am abroad. I would keep the quilt though. You look beautiful no matter what. That little piece of hair? So many nice things you can do with it. Consult with a hair dresser for more ideas. Hugs and many blessings to all of you. I pray that Dusty have a safe flight back.