Family Friday: April 19

32 Weeks Old

The big news for this week is that Johnnie is home!  He left for the deployment when Cameron was only 6.5 weeks old.  He was gone for 25 weeks, which is just about 6 months.  He left me with a helpless little newborn and he has returned to a mobile, babbling little person.

Cameron wasn't too sure of him at first.  We video chatted with Johnnie every day or two and played every day with her Daddy Doll but actually seeing him in person appeared to shock her a little.  At first, seeing him from a distance was more acceptable to her than him actually holding her.  Luckily, it didn't take long for her to warm up.  It's only been two days and she seems very comfortable with him now.

Johnnie has stepped right in with feedings, diaper changes, and playtime and is doing a great job.  Once in a while the jet lag catches up with him (he did fly half way around the world to get home) but Cameron doesn't seem to mind.  She just likes having him near :)

Johnnie is busy with his in-processing and post-deployment checklist but we are starting to do some things as a family and it's so nice just being together again.

So far Cameron has been eating pureed fruits and vegetables.  This week I made her oatmeal for the first time and she loves it!  Making it was more of a fiasco that it should have been but now I know better for next time.  I used the Baby Bullet Cookbook's recommendation of grinding a 1/2 cup of old fashioned oats into a fine powder and cooking it for 20 minutes in 4 cups of water (bring to a boil, then cook on low).  This resulted in what could be described as oatmeal-colored water.  So I ground another 1/2 cup of oats and added it in to cook.  Even on low heat, the pot totally bubbled over and made a huge mess.  However, the result was creamy oatmeal of the perfect consistency.  Next time I'll grind a 1/2 cup of oats and cook it in 2 cups of water, or 1 cup of oats with 4 cups of water in a bigger pot.

The oatmeal froze and thaws perfectly.  I've been mixing 1 oz of oatmeal with 1 oz of fruit for a feeding.  Tonight Cameron had oatmeal combined with apple puree and a pinch of cinnamon... she smiled the whole time she was eating :)

Oh how I love ya
Oh how I love ya
~Daddy-O by Frances England

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