Family Friday: 11 Months Old

48 Weeks (11 Months) Old

Children change so much each year and they are a constant reminder of how quickly time passes.  I was present for the birth of my niece Lauren and it was an amazing experience.  It feels like that was yesterday but she's 9 years old now which means I am 9 years older than that memory... yikes!

Right now I'm only 11 months older than the memory of Cameron's birth and that also feels like it was yesterday.  Before I know it she'll be graduating from kindergarten, then high school, then college.  Someday I'll be 30 years older than the memory of her birth and I want each of those years filled with amazing memories and photographs to remember them all by.  I don't want to miss a thing.

At 11 months old Cameron weighs about 19.5 lbs.  She wears size 3 diapers and size 9 and 12 month clothing.

Cameron does an equal amount of walking and crawling.  She is getting better at walking and can now go from sitting to standing without having something to hold on to.  She is a mover... constantly walking, crawling, squatting, bouncing, climbing, dancing, clapping hands (with two open hands now), waving, and pointing.  She is so incredibly active all the time!

Cameron loves to hold things or push things when she crawls.  Here is a video of her favorite way to crawl, holding a plastic stacking ring with each hand... and making monster sound effects :)

Cameron sleeps for 12+ hours every night with a 7:30 bedtime.  She moves all over her crib throughout the night and loves sleeping on her belly with her bottom in the air.  She needs a pacifier to fall asleep at night and for naps.  She naps for 2+ hours in morning and for about 1.5 hours in afternoon.

She currently has three teeth - two on the bottom and one on the top.  She is actually working on all four top front teeth right now, one of which broke through this week.  Cameron has started chewing on her crib rail this week so I need to make a rail cover soon!  Lesson learned: if you buy the whole matching bedroom set with the crib that turns into a full-size bed, put a rail cover on as soon as the baby can stand in the crib.  The damage to your "lifelong purchase" will make you cry.  Thankfully we went with a crib that only converts to a toddler bed so the rail damage is not an issue.  We will be purchasing twin-sized beds for our kids when the time comes.

Cameron loves to read books both with me and on her own!  I've been reading books to her ever since she was born.  Before her morning nap, we cuddle on the glider and read a few books together.  She likes to turn the pages for me but sometimes she turns them so fast that I only get to read a few words on each page :)  She likes to point at the pictures on pages and I'll say what she's pointing at.  When she plays independently, she happily sits and turns the pages of books and points to the pictures all by herself.

Cameron has been getting into all of the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen so it was time to do some baby proofing this week.  There is one low drawer full of random baby items that she is allowed to open and toss everything out explore.

Now that Cameron is walking, we are starting to take walks outside every day.  We never get past our driveway but she has a great time.  We walk barefoot on the rough, warm pavement and she stops every few steps to bend down and pick up a rock.  She is very good at picking small things up with her thumb and index finger.  I have to watch carefully that she doesn't put any of those rocks in her mouth... she's quick!

One more month of being our little baby.  My mother, both of Johnnie's parents, and his sister will all be here visiting for Cameron's first birthday... full house!  I still haven't decided on having an official party or just having a nice family dinner with cake.  It's different being military and being on an island... there is no family here except those flying in to visit.  So if we have a party, who do we invite?  Do we invite everyone in our neighborhood because they all live so close that they can see the party from their windows anyway we like them all?  If we invite anyone from the squadron, do we invite everyone so no one is left out?  We have so many friends and acquaintances here, where do we draw the line?  If we only invited "closest friends", someone will surely feel left out that they weren't included in that group.  If we give in and invite everyone, it would be a BIG party.  I would love to do a themed party but this all feels a little more stressful than it should, especially for something she is not going to remember.  Ultimately, all that really matters is a cake, a candle, a song, and Cameron.  I still have four weeks left to decide...

"There is no such thing in anyone's life as an unimportant day."
~Alexander Woollcott


  1. I started blogging when my daughter was 6 months old (child #2). That was almost 7 years ago. As I go through our blog, I realize how much I forget and how I need my memory to be jogged. It is a priceless gift both to myself, and someday to my kids, to have life detailed like this. Keep it up!

    1. Thanks! I do hope to keep it up and it's inspiring to hear that you've been able to for so long!

  2. I vote for family party since family members will be flying in.

    1. Thanks for your input! The more I think about it, the more a family party sounds like the best idea.