Family Friday: Aug 23

50 Weeks Old

There was a time when taking Cameron's weekly photo was easy.  I would quickly snap 7 or 8 photos and we would be done.  For the past couple months, her weekly photo sessions have grown more frustrating and challenging each week.  This week's photo exasperated me!  I had to take 134 photos over the course of the entire day to get the one above.  Every time I made Cameron lay down, she started crying and tried to stand up.  I am so surprised that I finally got one of her looking at the camera, in focus, and actually smiling.  I worked hard for this one!

This "52 Weeks" photo project is almost finished.  The end result will be amazing and I will cherish each photo but I cannot wait to be done with these weekly photo sessions!  Only two weeks left!

Cameron smiled right away for some close-up shots to start with... such a tease!  She now has four teeth - two center teeth on the bottom and two lateral incisors vampire teeth on the top.

I first gave Cameron a sippy cup 7 weeks ago.  I've been sitting a sippy cup full of water within her reach at every meal since then.  She would mostly just grab it and bang it on the table, occasionally taking a sip.  This week she has started taking big gulps from it daily!

Cameron has definitely made the connection between "ba-ba" and drink.  She has been crying "ba-ba" when it's time for a bottle for a few weeks now.  This week she cried "ba-ba" when she was thirsty and wanted a drink from her sippy cup after outside play time.

Cameron now gets food 3 times a day, along with her normal 4 bottles a day.  I usually give her finger foods at two of her meals and blended food for one meal.  Blended foods that she eats includes a variety of fruits and vegetables, chicken, turkey, quinoa, brown rice, and plain greek yogurt.  I often add in spices to the blended food such as cinnamon, cumin, garlic powder, or Italian seasoning.

Photos from left to right:
1) tofu and grated apple
2) grapes (cut into small pieces) and steamed broccoli
3) cheese shreds and steamed potatoes
4) baked tilapia and steamed carrots
5) goat cheese crumbles and egg yolk

This week Cameron and I have gone outside every evening.  There is so much to see and Cameron gets so excited taking it all in!  The neighborhood kids are all home from school and outside riding their bikes and scooters, their parents are all coming home from work in their cars or on bicycles, people are out walking with their dogs, and jets are usually flying low overhead as they prepare to land.

Cameron walks all around our driveway, always holding a rock in each hand :)

"A little girl is sugar and spice and everything nice... especially when she's taking a nap."
~Author Unknown

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  1. 50 weeks of amazing photos of the most beautiful and gracious baby in all Hawaii and the US. Beautiful photos, I no longer can pick my favorites, I love them all. So happy to hear her word "baba" she is trying to say agua? Bravo!! Cameron, wonderful bilingual skills and you are not even 1 yr old yet! So proud of you, your mommy and your daddy too. XO