Family Friday: July 5

43 Weeks Old

These days, Dulce is easier to pose than Cameron is.  I had to do a weekly photo for her at least once!

Dulce's birthday is coming up in a couple weeks.  She will be 4 years old.  I need to get her birthday photos done soon!

Cameron used a zippy cup for the first time this week and she is doing pretty well with it!  We have Tommee Tippee Trainer Cups which are supposed to "drink like a cup".  The top is only one piece (no separate valve pieces) so it is very easy to clean.

Cameron is now able to pick up small pieces of food and put them in her mouth so this week we started giving her finger food every day for breakfast.  It is so fun having her sit at the table and eat with us!

I give her a bottle first and then put her in her chair to eat.  One food she will get often is egg yolk.  I cook the egg white separately for me to eat and cook the yolk for her.  Egg yolks are are a great source of iron and DHA fatty acid.  They also have a soft texture that is easy to eat.

I'm sure you can guess where Dulce's new favorite place is when Cameron is in her seat!  She intently watches the floor waiting for things to drop.

Cameron finally likes bananas!  It used to be the only food she would refuse to eat.  I love bananas and eat them often so I'm glad she's finally on board.  It's such an easy food to share with her.  Pieces of banana will keep her busy for a long while!  She tries so hard to pick up those slippery pieces :)

We also tried Cheerios for the first time, broken into small pieces for now.  They were very easy for her to pick up so she did a good job of getting most of them in her mouth.

Cameron is such an active baby!  She loves to explore and get into everything.  I let her as long as she's not in danger of hurting herself.

A few days ago, I gave Cameron a stack of baby bowls to play with.  She had a great time sucking on them, hitting them on the floor, and banging them together.  The next thing I know, Cameron is crawling zooming across the floor with an upside-down bowl under each hand.  I love that she discovered this on her own - it's a great sign of her budding ingenuity!

Cameron loves to climb our stairs.  She figured out how to climb stairs a few weeks ago and now she is a pro.  We have 16 steps in our house and she can go up all of them.  We stay right behind her ready to catch her if needed.

Occasionally this child gets worn out from all the activity.  While I was making the flag cake for our 4th of July party, she actually cuddled for a long time with Johnnie on the couch and they watched the original 1941 animated movie, Dumbo.  So sweet :)

“When you teach a child something, you take away
forever his chance of discovering it for himself.”
~Jean Piaget

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