Family Friday: 10 Months Old

44 Weeks (10 Months) Old

At 10 months Cameron weighs 18.8 lbs.  She actually didn't gain any weight in the past month.  She is eating more than ever but has become a lot more active which can account for it.

She is currently 27.2 inches tall and is in size 3 diapers.  She is wearing size 9 month clothing and has some 12 month things that fit - all baby clothes brands are not created equal!

Last week, Cameron seemed to make random sounds. This week, language seems to be developing!

Cameron has been saying "da da" for weeks now but now she is making the connection between that word and Johnnie.  This week she started saying "ma ma" for the first time - melts my heart!  I've heard "ba ba" a few times now as well when she's hungry or waiting for a bottle.

"Dulce" is one of the most spoken words in our house so it's only a matter of time before she learns to say it.  Today we were saying Good Morning to Dulce and Cameron actually said "ssss" three times. It's a start :)

Cameron has only two teeth on the bottom but she is doing great with food.  She eats finger food for breakfast and chunky homemade baby food for dinner.  For breakfast she has an 8oz bottle and then eats a lot of finger food!  This week she has had egg yolks, goat cheese, salmon, bananas, and raspberries.

Her schedule is about the same as last month and keeps her the happy baby that she is:

7:30am - wake up, bottle, and finger foods
9:30am - nap (2+ hours)
12noon - bottle
3:00pm - nap (1 hour)
4:00pm - baby food, bottle
6:00pm - nap (~15 minutes)
7:00pm - bottle
7:30pm - bedtime

Cameron loves sleeping on her belly with her butt in the air.  She needs a pacifier to sleep and we also turn on her Sleepy Sheep sound machine for bedtime and naps.

Cameron can walk well as long as she is holding on to something or someone.  She takes a step once in a while by herself but doesn't have the confidence to walk solo yet.  She loves her Sit-to-Stand Walker and does laps around the kitchen every day but needs help turning corners.

She is speed-crawler now, especially when she is "escaping" her play area or is going after something she really wants.  She has also started to dance.  This child can bounce up and down all day!

She loves climbing the stairs!  I let her climb up every time we have to go upstairs.

We got a bike trailer but our trial run was pretty much a disaster.  Cameron hated wearing a helmet and wasn't comfortable in the seat.   We rode about a 1/2 mile before having to turn around and go home.   This was disappointing for me because I love riding my bike and I really want to be able to go riding around base with Cameron and Dulce.  It will work out eventually.

She leaned over for most of the ride... Was she looking at Dulce?  Were the straps not tight enough?  Was the seat lopsided?  Was she trying to see around the bike?  We may never know.

Cameron wasn't quite tall enough for the back of helmet to go over the back of the seat so it kept getting pushed forward to cover her face.

Some Air Force pilot friends made a stop on the island this week so we met them for dinner downtown at Rum Fire.  We've been on this island for about 1.5 years now and we've eaten in Waikiki only three or four times.  It's gorgeous and there are a ton of restaurants, but there are also thousands of tourists, insane traffic, and high prices for food and parking.  Still, we should do it more often because it's fun!

Rum Fire had a great view, comfortable seating, a small menu, smaller food portions, and a large band playing.  Cameron (yes, we brought her along) loved the music!  She was bouncing and shaking all night and flirting with everyone who caught her eye :)

"Kids: they dance before they learn there is anything that isn't music."
~William Stafford

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