Happy 4th Birthday to Dulce!

Today is our sweet Dulce's 4th birthday!  She is such a blessing and an amazing family dog.  Dulce is a Rat Terrier that we adopted from Ratbone Rescues when she was four months old.  She is well trained, has free reign of the house at all times with a doggie door for going outside, likes to sleep in late and go to bed early, loves going for car rides, and will do anything for food (including wearing a birthday hat and posing for photos).

We used to have to crate Dulce at night to keep her off of our bed but this year she finally learned to sleep in her own bed all night without disturbing us.  Dulce also used to destroy her toys, especially anything with stuffing.  This year she stopped doing that - perhaps she finally learned that ripping apart a toy made it disappear forever.  Dulce seems to have matured in the past year :)

I make Dulce a fake cake every year for her birthday photos.  This year her "cake" is a can of peanuts with a birthday candle hot-glued on top, covered with frosting and sprinkles.

Dulce loves the little bit of frosting she gets to lick every year.  It doesn't take her long to get to the container underneath... just long enough for some photos :)

Happy Birthday, Dulce!  May you always know how loved you are :)

"No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich."
~Louis Sabin

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  1. I should be president of the Dulce fan club because I just love her. of course, I have a thing for white & red/sable/tan rat terriers!