Family Friday: June 28

42 Weeks Old

A few days late again this week.  I wanted to wait until we got home to take her weekly photo because it is easier to do here and we were really busy last week!  Cameron and I have also been battling a cold since we got back so we are moving slower than usual.

This past week we were in Seattle visiting Johnnie's family, seeing old friends, and running the half marathon.  We had a fantastic time seeing and doing many things that Seattle has to offer.  I have so many great photos that I hope I can find the time to do some separate posts about places we went.

Cameron had a great time hanging out with her grandparents and aunt all week!

We met with a friend and her children for a playdate at Playdate Cafe.  This was a toy-filled place where kids can play and mommies (and daddies) can socialize.  It was hard keeping toys out of Cameron's mouth so I tried to keep her mouth occupied with her pacifier.

We met up with a friend and his daughter in West Seattle for lunch at Sunfish Cafe (excellent fish and chips!) directly across from Alki Beach.  After lunch we took a walk along the beach.  Alki Beach is the rocky beach that Sam and Jonah rode their boat to and played on in the movie Sleepless in Seattle.

Cameron met her great aunt and uncle who came up from Oregon to spend the day with us.  We had a picnic on the beach at Golden Gardens Park and then went to the Ballard Locks to walk through the gardens, watch boats using the locks, and to see salmon using the fish ladder.

Another friend and I met up with our kids and strollers in Green Lake Park to catch up on each other's lives while enjoying a peaceful walk around the lake.  There is a fantastic two-lane paved path (about 3 miles long) around the lake for walking, running, and cycling.

We recently bought a new baby hiking backpack for Cameron so we headed up to the Boulder River Trail with Johnnie's dad to test it out.  We hiked for a while, stopped for lunch, and then hiked back to the car.  Cameron seemed to love being in the backpack and it must have been comfortable because she fell asleep in it!  We hiked through a moss-covered wilderness with huge trees along a river with scenic waterfalls... so beautiful!

Johnnie and I did a few things on our own while his parents spent time with Cameron.  We ran the Seattle Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon, went to a Mariner's baseball game at Safeco Field, walked around downtown Seattle and through the Pike Place Market, went to the Ballard Sunday Farmer's Market, spent a night bar hopping in Ballard, and went out for an awesome Korean BBQ dinner.

We flew back to Hawaii on Saturday evening.  Unfortunately Cameron woke up unusually early on Saturday morning and quickly developed a cold throughout the day.  By the time we got on the plane, she was pretty congested and not feeling well.  Cameron screamed until takeoff and then thankfully fell asleep for about an hour.  After that she slept on and off and had a few more screaming fits.  The flight felt longer than the 5½ hours that it was.  It is no fun flying with a sick baby but we made it!

Cameron is just starting to get over her cold.  I'm glad it's not long-lasting, especially because I now have what she has.  I suppose I was bound to catch it with all the sneezing, coughing, drool, and mucous coming from her!

Today Cameron felt well enough to help me unpack her suitcase :)

“One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it's worth watching.”


  1. Great post - can't wait to see more Seattle photos! And that hike you took looks absolutely gorgeous. :)

    1. Thanks Allison :) I used my wide angle lens the entire time in Seattle and it made for some great photos - especially hiking and at the beaches. I hope I can get them on the blog by next week!

  2. I love following your blog! Thanks for sharing. Love the Korean BBQ dinner. We are currently living in Yeosu Korea so that was fun to see you guys drinking OB!!!!! :)

    1. Thanks Elicia! I was SO excited at that Korean restaurant because it was very authentic and brought back so many memories. They had OB and Hite, and even the tiny Cass glasses for pouring the beer into. Everything tasted just like it should and they even provided scissors to cut our meat with. Plus, it was super fun that I totally surprised our waitress by using a few Korean words that I know :)