Family Friday: Sept 13

I bet that some of you come to this blog today just to see what I would do now that Cameron's 52 week project is finished :)  Whatever your reason for stopping by, we're glad to have you!

I am no longer taking a weekly photo of Cameron.  Honestly, I am very relieved to be done with that project!  However, I am going to continue our weekly "Family Friday" blog posts.  I will be posting photos and highlights from our week.  These blog posts are a journal of our life that we will cherish forever.  They are also a way for all of our family to watch Cameron grow since we live so far away from everyone.

Johnnie's parents stayed at the Hale Koa military resort in Waikiki for a few nights while my mom occupied our guest room.  We all went down and spent the day with them at the pool.  Cameron had such a great time playing in the water and walking around!  I had a great time relaxing in the sun with my eyes closed knowing that the grandmas were watching Cameron :)

Another activity we did this week was hiking!  We hiked the Aiea Loop Trail with Cameron in her hiking backpack and Dulce tagging along at our feet.  The trail is almost 4.8 miles long and was a good workout with a few scenic vistas to stop and admire.

Dulce had the time of her life!  She loves to hike and is incredibly well-behaved on the trails.  Cameron enjoyed the hike but was fast asleep by the end of the trail.

We have had Cameron's stacking rings since she was only a few months old.  They are one of the most used toys that we have.  Cameron has chewed on them, banged them together, and crawled with them under her hands.  This week, she finally began to stack them!

Never stacked the same way twice :)

Johnnie caught some Instagram video of Cameron stacking all of the rings:

Cameron's imagination has exploded in the past two weeks and she has started pretending!  She pretends to drink from a toy teacup, she stirs and eats pretend food in a bowl with a spoon, and she pretends to talk on a toy phone.  Cameron was cute as a baby but now she is cute and fun... I love having a one year old :)

One of her birthday gifts was a toy purse filled with purse items such as a toy phone, plastic credit card, and fake lipstick.  She loves the lipstick... more specifically, she loves to put the lipstick in her mouth and hum loudly.  She also likes to put lipstick on Nana's lips face... good thing it's not real lipstick :)

Nana left yesterday, having stayed for just about two weeks.  It was so nice having the extra help to get things ready for Cameron's birthday.  Johnnie's parents are still here for another week.

We are a long and expensive plane ride from all family so Cameron mostly sees her grandparents on Skype and FaceTime.  Having them here visiting is so important for her - all kids should feel the loving embrace of their grandparents :)

"Children will not remember you for the material things
you provided, but for the feeling that you cherished them."
~Richard Evans

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