Family Friday: Sept 6

52 Weeks Old

It's finished!  This is the last weekly photo in the "52 Weeks of Cameron" project!  This was not an easy undertaking but it was definitely worth doing.  It would have been easier to do a monthly photo but then I would've missed out on some of my favorite photos.  If you only look at the photos from week to week, Cameron didn't seem to change much.  However, when you look at them all together, it is incredible to see her slowly change from a helpless newborn to a capable toddler.

I will write a separate post soon about what went into creating these photos and what I will be doing with the photos and the fabrics.  There may just be another giveaway in the works now that this project is complete ;)

At birth, Cameron was 5lb 13oz, and 18 inches long.  At 52 weeks she is 20.5 lbs and 29 inches long.

At 1 year old, Cameron is wearing size 3 diapers and size 9 and 12 month clothing.  Cameron sleeps for 12+ hours every night with a bedtime of 7:30pm.  She takes a 2 hour nap in the morning and a 1+ hour nap in the afternoon.

Cameron is walking well and can climb stairs.  She has 4 teeth and her favorite food is carrots.  She loves Dulce, pointing, reading books, eating, being outside, clapping her hands, smiling, waving, playing piano, pounding on things, getting a bath, riding in a stroller, and getting into everything.  She doesn't like being tired, waiting for food, getting dressed, or diaper changes.

Her communication and language skills are developing well.  She understands many things we say and sometimes imitates sounds we make.  She can say Mama, Dada, Nana (grandma), and baba (bottle).  She says "woof" when she sees a dog or a picture of one... her "woof" is making the "f" sound by sucking in her lower lip in and out.  She also does the sign language sign for "all done."  Despite knowing all of that, her favorite sound is still "aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh" :)

There are many benefits for keeping babies barefoot, especially when they are learning to walk.  The weather is always warm here so we never had to put shoes or socks on Cameron.  She learned to balance herself and walk by curling her toes to grip the floor.

We started with a pair of Robeez shoes which are easy to put on (even on puffy baby feet) and have a soft, thin leather sole so Cam could still feel and grip the ground and move her feet naturally.  Robeez or Bobux shoes are great for kids of all ages to wear as slippers at daycare or preschool if they have to take off their outside shoes.

This week we bought a pair of Pediped shoes for when we go out on the town now that she is walking everywhere.  These are easy to put on, have soft flexible soles, and just a touch of cushioning to make them comfortable.  Cameron loves them and tries to put them on herself :)

Cameron took her first self-portrait this week with my iPhone while I was photographing her :)

Cameron turns 1 year old on Sunday!  We did decide on a small party with a theme.  The theme is based on a children's book and is the reason for this week's fabric choice.  I'm sure some of you may recognize the book Cameron is holding in the photo below... any guesses?

We did get 1-year photos done this week.  I'll put them in a separate post but here is a peak for you...

"What I wanted most for my daughter was that she be able
to soar confidently in her own sky, whatever that may be."
~Helen Claes