Family Friday: Feb 28

We had few new "firsts" this week for CC and Dulce.  CC played in the ocean for the very first time!  It has taken one month of living on the beach to get to this point.  There were no scary waves due to the low tide so she squatted happily in the shallow water, picking up rocks, and splashing around.

Dulce succeeded in digging up a sand crab for the first time!  Rat Terriers are a dog breed known for their ability to hunt small game and vermin.  Dulce has adapted her skills to each place that we have lived.  She is an accomplished squirrel chaser, fly catcher, lizard hunter, and now crab trapper.

Baby footprints in the sand melt my heart :)

CC got her toenails painted for the first time!  My toenails are painted 365 days a year so I have definitely been looking forward to painting hers.  This week I let CC play with my basket of nail polish bottles while I painted my toenails.  She began mimicking me, "painting" her toes with a closed bottle, so I asked her if she wanted her toenails painted and she said yes.  Surprisingly, she sat patiently and let me paint them!  Oddly enough, getting a simple photo of her toes was a fierce battle.

When I was pregnant, I bought a few bottles of non-toxic Zoya nail polish.  Toxins in my nail polish (click here for more info) were not something I ever thought of in the past but is definitely something to consider when you are pregnant or painting a child's nails.  I painted one coat on CC's toes and two coats on mine.  CC picked out the color :)

Last weekend we took a family trip to the Annual Hawaii Chocolate Festival held at the Dole Cannery in Honolulu.  The festival had a few presentations, dancing entertainment, and many local chocolatiers set up with samples and items for purchase.  The festival was free to attend but if you wanted to sample any chocolate, you had to purchase a tasting card.  The cards were $25 and allowed you to sample chocolate from ten different vendors.  They did not offer a military discount but they did offer free validated parking.

CC usually plays in an area where she can see me.  This week I caught her reading on her own in her room a few times.  I'm thankful that quiet doesn't always mean trouble and I'm thankful that she loves books.  Of course, quiet sometimes means that CC is pulling every single thing out of her dresser drawers or diaper bag :)

"A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions."
~Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

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