Family Friday: March 7

This week we met a group of friends for a play date at the Kaena Community Center park (next to Solomon Elementary) on Schofield Barracks.  This was our first time to this playground and I was very impressed by the size and variety of equipment and also by the rubberized bark surrounding it to help cushion falls.  Cameron had a blast climbing, sliding, and watching the other kids play!  Next to the playground is a splash park that we will definitely try out another day.  A bonus to playing at this park is that we can meet Johnnie for lunch afterward or stop for groceries at the commissary - definitely worth the trip for us!

Cameron got a new toy truck this week.  We were walking past the toy section in Ross when she spotted it and instantly fell in love.  She pushed it around for a few minutes and then put it down to look at some other toys.  As soon as she left it alone, another little boy immediately picked it up and handed it to his mother who put it in their cart!  Cameron watched them walk away with her truck, arms crossed and lip quivering.  Luckily there was another one just like it on the shelf and once she got her hands on it, she didn't let it go.  She pushed and carried that truck all by herself from the back of the store to the front.  I couldn't say no, especially since she doesn't have any toy trucks or cars yet.

The truck is the Mega Bloks Caterpillar Constructor which is for ages 1 and up.  (I'm glad Cam picked something age appropriate!)  The Amazon description says it is "the dream truck of all active little boys"... it should say children because girls can obviously love it too!  The truck has a large handle for pushing and carrying, and it comes with a small dump truck and a bulldozer.  Cam loves putting the little trucks inside the big one and pushing it around.  Vroom! Vroom!

The truck adds some nice variety to Cameron's mostly girly toy collection.  She is all about wearing shoes and accessories, carrying purses, holding her "babies," and pushing her shopping cart around (filling it with her most prized possessions).

Cameron loves shoes and can put our shoes on her feet all by herself.  She has been figuring out how to put on her own shoes and also how to put on clothes.  She does a pretty good job!

Cameron's hair is growing thicker and longer which means I actually have to style it daily now.  My hair is wavy but it's nothing like Cameron's curls (she gets that from Johnnie).  I've learned that you can't brush dry curls or else they turn into a frizzy mess.  Every morning while Cam eats breakfast, I comb water through her hair and then let it dry into ringlets.  I'm thankful it is that easy!

This is one of those real-life snapshots below... a half-finished picture wall project and things of all kinds sitting around.  Cameron is eating sliced pears, french toast cut into sticks, and cheese.  There is milk in the cup with the straw and water in the sippy cup.  Life is just like that :)

Cameron and I both wake up every morning with crazy hair.  I tame Cam's hair with water and tame mine with a flat iron.  Fortunately for Cameron, the salty humid air keeps her curls looking great all day.  Unfortunately for me, that humid air brings back my waves within an hour.  There is nothing I can do with these awkward wavy post-baby bangs except hide them under a headband or plaster them with hair spray every. single. day. and wait impatiently for them to grow out.  I like the bangs but they are way too much work.  The pictures you saw of me with nice straight bangs... there was half a bottle of hair spray involved there.  I can at least be thankful that Hawaii is not fancy (flip flops are considered professional attire here) so crazy hair isn't too out of place.

Life (and hair) shouldn't be taken too seriously when you are on the beach :)

"Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning."

~Fred Rogers

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