Jet Noise and Sunshine

Yesterday was a long day of traveling and waiting!  I am now in Tucson visiting some good friends for the next couple of weeks.  I left Dulce in Seattle and even though I know she'll be fine, I'll still worry about her.  Dulce laid claim to the sweatshirt that I threw on the bed so I left it for her.  I like to think that it will be comforting for her to have something that smells like me while I'm gone.

I had a three hour layover in Denver on my way here and right before boarding, we were informed that our flight to Tucson would be delayed an additional three hours.  By that time, every store and restaurant in the airport was closed and there was nothing to do but wait.  I passed time trying to take pictures of my surroundings without leaving my seat.

The spell-checker people must not work this late :)

I finally arrived in Tucson at 3:00AM.  This day turned out to be much longer than planned!

After a short night's sleep, I awoke to blue skies, sunshine, and the sound of A-10 fighter jets flying around outside - music to my ears :)  I'm really excited to be here.  My plans are to go running often in the warm weather, work on photography, and most importantly, spend time with my best friend who will hopefully be having a baby before I head back to Seattle!

The view outside my window - I LOVE blue skies :)  There is some grass inside the fenced backyards, but between houses there is simply colored rocks.  It's a decorative way to deal with the dry climate.

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