We Have an Apartment!

Video chatting with Johnnie, who currently in Korea, is amazing!  We are half a world apart but so connected by technology that it doesn't feel that far.  He arrived there on Tuesday and has been busy getting established.  The good news is that he found us an apartment already!  He moves in next week so we might have some pictures to share then.  The apartment is in a secure, relatively new complex.  It's a spacious 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom place with balconies that overlook a playground that is inside the complex.  Having four bedrooms is a huge bonus!  We have a lot of family and friends who said they'll come visit so I'm glad we have the room to comfortably accomodate them.  Some other things about this place that I will definately appreciate is a fitness center and an underground parking garage.  I am so excited to get there!

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