My First Published Books

My best friend and I have gone on some amazing hiking trips in the past couple years.  For Christmas this year, I made photo books of two of our trips for her.  They just arrived (I didn't order them until after Christmas so it's a late present) and they look amazing!  It's so cool to see my photographs in a professionally made book :)  To create the books, I used and I'm very impressed with the company.  The My Publisher program is a free download from the website and is really easy to use.  There are a lot of options for customizing the cover and pages to your liking.  I chose the Classic Hardcover which is 11.25" wide x 8.75" high.  Once your book is finished, you upload it to the My Publisher website and order it.  The website has a live chat available for instant help and there are always great coupon codes available for use when ordering.  Here are the covers and some pages from each book that I made:

"Take nothing for granted. Not one blessed, cool mountain day or one
hellish, desert day or one sweaty, stinky hiking companion. It is all a gift"
~Cindy Ross

"The biggest prize in long-distance hiking is the gift of time.
Time to look.  Time to think.  Time to feel.  All those hours you
spend with your thoughts.  You won't solve all of your problems,
but you will come to understand and accept yourself."
~Cindy Ross

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