Last month, my mom and my aunt came to Korea for a visit!  They stayed for two action-packed weeks that were filled with shopping, sight-seeing, tours, more shopping, eating, and even a four-day trip to Beijing, China!  We ended up with over 1,400 photos from those two weeks which took a while to sort through so that I could start blogging about it!

I went to the airport to greet them and had a while to sit around and people-watch.  I realized, watching Koreans around me greet their arriving friends and loved ones, that Koreans are not hugging people.  They got so excited, waving and running up to their loved ones, but the physical contact was limited to a hand on the shoulder at most.  Even a girl who was obviously returning from college in the States only got a pat on her arm from her parents even though they seemed genuinely happy to have her home.  

My mom and aunt were still smiling after their long flight across the ocean.  We drew a lot of attention from the conservative people around us with all the hugs and kisses we exchanged :)

We covered almost all forms of transportation while they were here.  Besides the plane and some taxis, we also rode the bus, ...

we rode the subway, ...

... and we rode the train.

We bravely used a Korean "squatty potty" and yes, there is a technique to doing this properly ;)

We had fun taking pictures everywhere we went :)

We went out to eat a lot since there are so many different kinds of restaurants here to try.  We had Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Italian, German, and Turkish food.

We stopped at coffee shops for lattes and teas every now and then:

We walked to the hilltop park by our apartment complex and used the random exercise equipment:

We had a good laugh trying some Korean facial masks:

 And we relaxed with pedicures at my favorite local spa, 4NE1:

The rest of our adventures will be covered in subsequent posts since it's not possible to fit all of the fun in just one!

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"When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all
your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money."
~Susan Heller

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