More "Not Quite Right"

In the "land of the not quite right", seeing things like this can always bring a smile to your face :)

Instructions posted above a toilet... in case you're not sure what to do.

A men's suit store... for dainty men?

Did they have to put a shirt that says "suck" in the window of a store named "cok"? 

This made me do a double take... it's just a hair accessory store! 

This is a children's clothing store!

"ka-ka" means 'discount' but it's still funny :)

There are multiple things wrong with this t-shirt...

"Let's merry."  I expected more from you, Starbucks!

Not so sure about the meat served in this restaurant... I don't see any hotdogs pictured...

Love this! 

This photo is on a sign that says "Don't climb the fence or we'll tell your parents."

A sign on the Korean Air Force base: "I basic easy small today."  Okaaaay, thank goodness the U.S. military is here to help keep this country safe!

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~Mitch Hedberg

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