Lost In Translation

T-shirts with English writing on them are very common here.  You see them in stores, in the markets, and on people everywhere.  You have to wonder if the people buying and wearing these shirts even understand what they say.  You also have to wonder why the t-shirt companies don't always bother hiring an English-speaking person to proofread the shirts before they are printed.  Some of the things written on the t-shirts are incorrect but still understandable while others don't make any sense at all.  While shopping with Jennie for the past couple days, we came across some gems :)

Should that be "good choice"?

Without the "y" ready is just read - totally different meaning.

Okay, sometimes the letter "c" has an "s" sound...

Did they just pick words to put on here?  And what's the purpose of that tiny center pocket?


That's right :)

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"English is a funny language; that explains
why we park our car on the driveway
and drive our car on the parkway."
~Author Unknown

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