Gyeryongsan National Park - part 3 of 3

We had a choice after lunch to go back the way we came up or to continue along the mountain path, looping around to where we started from.  We chose to keep hiking and this turned out to be a very good decision.  The trail soon started following the ridge of the mountain.  There were steep stairs that were bolted to the sheer rock faces, metal railing along portions of the ridge to make it a little less dangerous, and constant breathtaking views on both sides of us.  This part of the hike made the strenuous trek up the mountain completely worthwhile.

The ridge line we hiked along:

Looking back to where we came from:

The railing was comforting since there was a drop-off on both sides of the trail.

My hiking partners - so much fun to spend the day with!

Stacks of rocks were everywhere - each one representing a wish or a prayer.

We finally arrived back to where we started from 6.5 hours later.  This was such an amazing hike that I would love to do it again before we leave Korea!

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"May fulfillment come from the journey, not the destination."
~Author Unknown

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