Festival Eats and Treats

There were a lot of interesting things to see at the Hangang Yeouido Spring Flower Festival in Seoul!  There were food vendors set up selling some unique food that I've heard about but haven't seen until now.  There were also a lot of booths set up providing personal health and wellness information and demonstrations.

Some kind of normal-looking, fried, sugary goodness :)

Ddeokbokki (or Tteokbokki) is little rice cakes in spicy sauce.

I've seen these little shells on beaches in the States.  I have NO idea how they're eaten and I don't know enough Korean to be able to ask!

This is Beondegi - boiled silkworm pupas (silkworms at the stage between larvae and adult).  It smells disgusting but my Korean students swear that it's delicious.

Yeah, thought you might want to see a close-up of these guys :)

Being the adventurous crazy person I am, I had to try one!  When else will I ever get the chance to do this stuff in my life?  Honestly, it tasted pretty bad - soft, juicy, and fishy/shrimpy-tasting.  I'm glad that I tried it but I will never eat it again!

This booth was all about healthy eating.  The big yellow blob on the left side of the picture is representative of 5 kilograms of body fat - yuck!

A demonstration on proper brushing technique at the dental health booth.

The breast health booth.  I love how these women aren't shy about participating in the how-to demonstration!

Hey, that looks like...

Why yes, it's Condom Man!  Sexual health is an important part of life.

There was also a free face painting booth!  This little guy is getting a crab painted on his hand.

The friend I was with got a bracelet of cherry blossoms painted on her wrist.

"Wherever you go, go with all your heart."

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  1. Beautiful pictures and very interesting to learn more and more about Korea.
    Thank you for the pictures you show of Johnnie and yourself. I love Dulce eating black rice.
    Your time spent in this project is greatly appreciated.