The Meat Restaurant

There is a restaurant in our town called the Meat-Restaurant that provides a unique and fun eating experience.  It is a buffet-style restaurant but not exactly the type of buffet you may imagine.  The buffet tables offer a large variety of raw meat, raw octopus, vegetables, side dishes, soup, rice, sauces, and salad.  You choose what you would like to eat and cook the raw things yourself on the grill that is built into your dining table.  To prevent wastefulness, there are signs posted in the restaurant that you will be fined if you don't eat what you take and cook.  This restaurant is very popular with Americans living here and is definitely worth going back to.

"The only time to eat diet food is 
while you're waiting for the steak to cook."
~Julia Child


  1. Hi Angela! Love your blog and sometimes feel that I am along on this trip. Wanted to share that here in Federal Way, WA, a suburb of Seattle, we are fortunate to have a Korean-style restaurant with cook-your-own-meat gas grills on the tables. Have only eaten there once but what fun! Have to admit I am a little envious of all your eating adventures. . .
    Carol, Nina, and Elsie (who found your link on

  2. Hi Carol, Nina, and Elsie! Thanks for letting me know that you like the blog! How fun that Seattle has a bulgogi restaurant! My husband is from Seattle so we'll have to check it out next time we're there and missing Korea :)