Going Japanese

Johnnie's sister has arrived for a week-long visit!  We are going to try to cram in as many sightseeing and restaurant experiences as we can before she leaves.  She arrived last evening so the first order of business was dinner.  We walked over to a bustling shopping center near our house that has a variety of restaurants to chose from.  We decided to try a Japanese Seafood Grill with a cozy atmosphere and full of loud, young business people.  It was a fun and interesting meal :)

A spicy clear broth soup to start.

Some neon colored crunchy balls that tasted like kid's cereal?

The menu didn't have any English translations so we took a chance and just pointed at some things to order.  Here is one of our choices - if anyone can translate, we'd love to know what we ate!

Being a seafood restaurant, we know it's not beef or pork.  
We think it may be snail.

This choice turned out to be a really tasty shrimp dish.

This is a seafood and vegetable 'pancake' that was very good!

"You only live once; but if you live it right, once is enough."
~Adam Marshall

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