Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ refers to a method of grilling marinated meat, often on a small gas or charcoal grill that is built into the center of a dining table at a restaurant.  It's what we were craving after our long day of hiking.  We drove for a while before stopping at a restaurant that turned out to be "The Most Friendly Restaurant for Foreigners" or at least that's what their little award said :)  The food was absolutely amazing but I'm sure that hiking all day made it seem even better than it was!

Like many restaurants in Korea, we had to take off our shoes and leave them on shelves by the door.  We were lucky to arrive before the dinner rush.  When we were leaving, the shelves were packed full!

A salad to start - cabbage, onions, and greens with a horseradish dressing

Some drinks - beer and a fruity wine type drink

Everyone at the table shares the large selection of side dishes.

These are sweet potato noodles:

Kimchi - no Korean meal is complete without it :)

These are tasty marinated mushrooms:

Our grill was turned on to cook our marinated pork.

Scissors are more common than a knife for cutting food in Korea.

"After a day's walk, everything has twice its usual value."
~George Macauley Trevelyan

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