Subways, Buses, and Trains

Johnnie's sister, Jennie, has now returned to the States but we certainly had a great time while she was here visiting!  On Monday and again on Tuesday, Jennie and I traveled to Seoul to do some sight-seeing and shopping.  To get to Seoul from here, on any form of transportation, takes about an hour.

For our first trip, we took the subway to and from Seoul.  The subway is convenient and cheap but often a pain because of the many stops, transfers, few available seats, and number of people.  On the ride home from Seoul, we ended up missing a transfer which turned the one-hour trip into a three-hour trip.  We also ended up standing for most of the trip due to overcrowded subway cars.

It's very common for salesmen to put on demonstrations during the trip, trying to sell their products.  This guy was selling a folding multi-screwdriver tool.

So many people, I'm surprised the doors even closed!

For our second trip to Seoul, we decided to take the bus.  This is also a cheap and easy form of transportation but much more comfortable than the subway.

Returning home from Seoul on our second trip, we took the train.  This is now my favorite way to get to Seoul.  It's cheap, easy, very comfortable, and the station is only about a half mile from our apartment.  The only downside is that it's scheduled departure times are fewer and farther between than the subway or bus.

"Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and celebrate the journey."
~Fitzhugh Mullan

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