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There was a incredible variety of grains, beans, vegetables, meat, seafood, and bugs available for sale in the Gyeongdong Market in Seoul.  A few things looked familiar but we didn't know what most of the herbs and grains were.  We found one vendor who could tell us, in broken English, what body parts were helped by some herbs but we still didn't know exactly what it was or how to use it.  It would be helpful and interesting to find a book (written in English) with photos and descriptions of all these things.


This market is the largest ginseng market in South Korea.

No idea what this is for:

Dried shrimp

Small dried fish

Dried squid and fish

Dried centipedes, called Wu Gong, are about 5 inches long.  They are ground into powder that is used as a pain reliever and a crude remedy for multiple other conditions.  Thanks, but I'll stick to Advil :)

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