Korean Folk Village - Part 1 of 2

The Korean Folk Village, located near the city of Suwon, is a living museum that highlights Korea's traditional folk culture and shows how Koreans lived in the past.  There is a section of the village called "Family Park" that has some rides, a 4D theatre, museums, game room, and even a sledding field for when it snows.  When purchasing your entrance ticket, you have a choice to purchase one for only seeing the Folk Village or adding the Family Park pass for an additional cost.

While Johnnie's sister was visiting, we spent an afternoon at the Folk Village.  This post will highlight the entertainment and tomorrow's post will show what else the village has to offer.  There are performances that occur twice each day at scheduled times and are worth watching.

Acrobatics on Tight-Rope  ~  This older gentleman had incredible balance and a crotch of steel.  He made the audience gasp often as he would take a few steps, fall into a seated position, and return to standing within seconds flat.  Sometimes he straddled the rope (thus the crotch of steel), sometimes sitting, and sometimes kneeling.  He was quick and graceful, holding only a large fan for balance.

Farmer's Dance  ~  This dance is one of the oldest dance forms in Korea.  It was traditionally performed during planting and harvesting, stemming from early records of farmers working to the beat of percussion instruments.  It is characterized by fast-paced music and gravity-defying acrobatic movements.  Dancers have long white streamers attached to their hats which they twirl in beat with the music.

Equestrian Feats  ~  These guys on horseback were fun to watch.  The horses galloped around the small circular arena while the men on their backs hung off the sides of the saddle, did handstands, shot arrows, and did multiple other feats that require amazing balance and physical strength.

Traditional Wedding Ceremony  ~  The intricate outfits and elaborate setup made this very interesting to watch.  The bride and groom each have two attendants who help them throughout the ceremony.  There is a lot of kneeling, standing, and bowing in this very methodical and beautiful ceremony.

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"A nation's culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people."
~Mohandis Gandhi

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