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Being an adventurous eater, my favorite part of every vacation is the food :) Apulit Island Resort offered three buffet meals a day that lasted for two hours each so there was no rush to go eat as soon as it started. Everything was so fresh and homemade with the fruits and vegetables grown locally, most on an organic farm, and the seafood was caught daily in the local waters.

Each breakfast buffet offered a variety of breads, pastries, fruits, fruit juices, yogurts, cereals, pancakes, waffles, and an omelette station. There were also some hot entrees that changed daily. Three different fresh-squeezed fruit juices were offered free at breakfast. The coffee was hot and plentiful and had a very good, locally produced flavor. The only thing I ate at the resort that needs improved upon is the pancakes... but I ate at least one every morning anyway :)

The mangos and mango juice at the resort were a-mazing!

The lunch and dinner buffets were different every day but had the same options: soup, bread, salad, appetizers, hot entrees, a stir-fry station, a grill station, desserts, and fruit. The grill station was a highlight with a large selection of fresh seafood and meat. You chose what you wanted and the chef grilled and delivered it to your table.

Homemade breads


Grilled fish, shrimp skewers, and vegetable skewers

Grilled squid and fish fillets

Stuffed squid - so good!

There was a variety of clams and other shellfish - fun to try!

There was often different cultural food. We couldn't pass up the kimchi :)

Fruit and homemade cookies were available at every meal. At dinner there was also at least one other delicious baked treat.

The most interesting: brie cheese wrapped in plantains. Yum :)

The bar opened at 7am and didn't close until 11pm so you could order drinks anytime of the day; whether you were in the bar, at a meal, or lounging on the beach. The prices of bar drinks were reasonable and there was a happy hour every day with different specials. There was a good selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks but the beer selection is somewhat limited. I am usually a beer drinker but the mixed drinks were so refreshing that I had to try nearly one of each. The Apulit Breeze was my favorite :)

A section of the drink menu

That's a real coconut that the bartender cut open and used in a drink!

"Bring me two pina coladas, gotta have one for each hand..."

San Miguel is a beer brewed in the Philippines

I love coconut water so I was super excited that I could order coconuts to drink! They were plucked from a tree and cut open for me to enjoy. I ordered at least one a day :) When you are done drinking the water, you could have it cut in half so you could scoop out the meat.

Everything we ate was absolutely wonderful and I'm pretty sure we both returned home a few pounds heavier :) The morning we left the island, we had to check out around 6:30 and board the boat at 7am. Thankfully the resort set up a special early mini breakfast buffet so we could eat before we left.

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"A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it."
~Robert Orben

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