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At Apulit Island Resort, there is nothing that you have to do. Almost all of the activities and the supplies needed for them are included with the price of your stay but it's completely up to you whether you want to take advantage of everything or simply spend every day laying on the beach. Our activity coordinator, Angel, caught up with us periodically to plan an activity or remind us of upcoming things.

There are numerous chairs and umbrellas set up on the beach, enough that they were never all full while we were there. Clean beach towels were placed on the chairs every morning. While relaxing in the sun, you could flag down a staff member or walk yourself to the bar to order beverages.

It rained on our second day there but we used that opportunity to relax in the bar and try most of the drinks on the menu :)

The rain lightened up enough in the afternoon for Johnnie to take a Discover Scuba class and learn scuba diving basics. The scuba diving classes do cost extra but it was a one-on-one session that was well worth it. I'm not a fan of being submerged underwater so I stayed back to take photographs instead. Johnnie and his instructor went diving off of the main pier in 4 to 5 meters of water. Johnnie had a great time despite getting stung by jellyfish. The instructor was prepared and had a bottle of vinegar waiting on the pier when they got out of the water.

Unfortunately the rain brought shifting currents and swarms of tiny jellyfish to the resort that were the size of the tip of my finger. Despite their small size, they still stung so we had to stay out of the water.

We couldn't be in the water but we could be on it! We loaded into a kayak and explored the waters around the island. Use of the kayaks and lifejackets are no extra charge. The water was calm, clear, and so blue!

Sailing is also available at no extra cost.

We went island hopping to Isla Blanca to go snorkeling. Excursions such as this and the equipment needed are also included in the price of your stay. It was a gorgeous day, the water was like glass, and snorkeling was amazing! We purchased an underwater camera at the resort but it's film and we haven't gotten it developed yet.

We also took a trip to another island they called the Pavilion. We took a boat to the island and then took a kayak to shore. There we climbed around some amazing limestone formations and jumped into a little lagoon hidden in the rocks.

There are a lot of activities at the resort and watching the spectacular sunsets must be counted as one of them! The sunsets are gorgeous and different every day. You'll get the best views if you walk toward the deluxe cottages.

The cottages and limestone cliffs lit up at night.

A must-do for anyone staying at the resort is a private meal. You can chose the day, time, meal, and location and this is all at no extra cost! We chose to have a beach dinner just after sunset on our last night. Our wonderful waiter, Mark, set up candle lanterns around a small table in the sand and did a great job serving lots of delicious food and keeping our wine glasses filled :) It was a very romantic evening and a great way to end our stay.

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"Happiness is a summer breeze, sand between your toes,
and your best friend by your side."
~Author Unknown

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  1. very romantic! i can't wait to go to apulit with my boyfriend. :)