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Apulit Island is a beautiful resort tucked into a quiet cove surrounded by dramatic limestone cliffs. There are lush trees, colorful flowers, thatched-roofed cottages perched on stilts above crystal clear water, and tiny gentle waves quietly kissing the beach. This resort was formally Club Noah which closed and remained abandoned for a few years before being newly renovated, refurbished, and reopened in December 2010 as Apulit Island Resort.

The cottages are traditional Filipino style with custom made furniture and hardwood floors. There are 30 single water cottages which are a single room cottage with a bathroom and balcony. There are also 20 deluxe water cottages which are duplex-type, two-story with a bathroom and balcony.

The cottages are staggered at an angle and have frosted glass on the side windows so that you have privacy even on your balcony. There are heavy curtains to block out the early morning light and there is a remote-controlled air conditioner to give you a break from the heat outside. There was fresh drinking water provided daily. There is no TV but it's better that way! We were given a complimentary handmade buri bag and two pairs of native slippers to use during our stay and to take home as a souvenir. There was housekeeping service every morning and a turn down service every evening that included a hand-written message on a leaf saying goodnight :)

The common areas were all on the center beach. Looking at the photo below, the game room and bar buildings are on the left and the building in the center (the clubhouse) contained the front desk, dining area, and gift shop.

The walkways and surrounding sand was swept and raked everyday.

The dining area where three buffet meals were served every day.

The view from the dining area

The gift shop was small but had a nice selection including many locally handmade items such as carved wooden figures and hand-painted sarongs.

The bar

The game room had a pool table, ping-pong table, darts, and board games.

There was a volleyball net

The water was so clear and so warm!

There were numerous tents and chairs on the beach. Beach towels are provided.

Blue skies, blue water, sunshine, and palm trees = paradise :)

High tide

It's surprising how far the water recedes during low tide in the evening.

There is a building with curtained walls for massages. Massages do cost extra but it's a cheap price for an incredible hour-long session. Johnnie and I got massages at sunset one night and it was amazing!

There is free wireless internet available in the clubhouse that can be also be accessed in the bar, game room, and beach. There is also a first aid building with a qualified nurse available for any minor medical situations.

There are free safety deposit boxes available for use at the front desk where you can lock away your money and valuables that you won't need during your stay. All food and almost all activities are included with the price of your room package. Anything that costs extra is simply billed to your room and is paid at the end of your stay. With few exceptions, all beverages are an additional cost but they were not overly priced and there was a happy hour every evening for alcoholic drinks.

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"If you want to view paradise, simple look around and view it."
~Willy Wonka

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  1. It really looks like paradise... I wish I could visit the Philippines one day.. There's so many beautiful islands that I want to check out.. Thanks for sharing this wonderful experienced..